Jerusalem must be capital of both Israel and Palestine Ban says

“This is the road to the fulfilment of both the vision of [United Nations] Security Council resolutions and the Arab Peace Initiative, and the yearning for peace of people from all over the world,” he said in a message to the Jerusalem International Forum in Rabat, Morocco, in which he stressed that the international community does not recognize Israel’s annexation of East Jerusalem.He cited as obstacles to peace continued Israeli evictions and house demolitions in East Jerusalem, the latest occurring yesterday, closure of Palestinian institutions there, and the expansion of settlements contrary to international law and the Roadmap peace plan espoused by the Quartet – UN, the European Union, Russia and the United States – that seeks a two-State solution to the conflict.“These actions exacerbate tensions, prejudge final status issues, and often have tragic human consequences,” he added in the message, delivered by Robert H. Serry, UN Special Coordinator for the Middle East Peace Process and Mr. Ban’s Personal Representative to the Palestine Liberation Organization and the Palestinian Authority.“I reiterate the repeated calls of the Quartet and the wider international community for Israel to freeze settlement activity, cease provocative and unilateral actions, and reopen Palestinian institutions in Jerusalem.” Mr. Ban voiced concern at recent episodes of tension at the Haram Ash-Sharif/Temple Mount compound in East Jerusalem, sacred to both Muslims and Jews, and the potential for further clashes, also citing the “sensitive excavations” by Israel in reconstructing a ramp to the site.“We all share a responsibility to promote calm,” he declared. “Today, access into East Jerusalem remains severely restricted by checkpoints, permits and the [Israeli] barrier, whose route is contrary to the Advisory Opinion of the International Court of Justice. “These measures separate families, limit Palestinian economic development and make it difficult for residents of the West Bank to access specialized medical facilities,” he added, urging Israel to respect the “organic relationship” between East Jerusalem and the remainder of the West Bank. “Only with the achievement of a two-State solution, and a comprehensive Arab-Israeli peace, will Jerusalem be fully restored to its rightful place as a symbol of sanctity, brotherhood and peace for the entire world,” he concluded.At a news conference in New York, Mr. Ban reiterated his warning that disturbances at the Haram Al-Sharif/Temple Mount compound and other events in Jerusalem can undermine trust throughout the region. “I call upon all to avoid provocative acts,” he said.He also called on Israel to re-open its borders with Gaza to allow in reconstruction material 10 months after the end of its three-week assault on Hamas there, noting that a donors’ conference in Egypt raised $4.5 billion in financial aid for the purpose.“Little if any of that money has been delivered,” he said. “Families have not been able to rebuild their homes. Clinics and schools are still in ruins. I urge Israel to accept the UN reconstruction proposals as set forth, recognizing that the only true guarantee of peace is people’s well-being and security.”He called on both Israel and the Palestinians to carry out “full, independent and credible investigations” in accordance with the recommendations of a UN commission led by Justice Richard Goldstone, a former prosecutor at the UN war crimes tribunals for the former Yugoslavia and Rwanda, which found evidence that both sides committed serious war crimes in the Gaza war.He said he was aware both were now going to have their own investigations. “I have not received any further details, but that is positive, I would say,” he added. “I have been repeatedly urging the Israeli Government to institute a credible domestic investigation process.” 28 October 2009Jerusalem must be the capital of two States – Israel and Palestine – living side-by-side in peace and security, with arrangements for the holy sites acceptable to all, if peace in the Middle East is to be achieved, Secretary-General Ban Ki-moon warned today. read more

Professor finds inspiration in Dublin

Merijean Morrissey displays a print she did in Dublin, where she was international artist-in-residence.John Updike once said that art offers a certain breathing room for the spirit.Merijean Morrissey looked for her breathing room earlier this year, and she found it in Ireland.The Visual Arts professor spent six months as the international artist-in-residence for the City of Dublin. For two months, she lived in an apartment and studio at the Red Stables, the original Victorian stables on the old Guinness estate, where she practiced the complex fine art of printmaking.Morrissey was the international artist-in-residence at Graphic Studio Dublin, the premiere fine art printmaking studio in Europe. While in Europe, she attended the International Printmakers’ Conference in Bristol, UK, where she exhibited with a small group of other artists. She also learned while there that she was a finalist at the 29th Print International in Barcelona, Spain, resulting in her work being shown in Barcelona, the United Kingdom and France.Morrissey headed to Ireland with a grant from the Brock Humanities Research Institute. The space was inspiring, she said, as was Graphic Studio Dublin. There she had access to a large printmaking studio, a luxury considering much of her printmaking work in Canada is squeezed into the garage and basement of her Niagara-on-the-Lake home. She sold her work in the historic Temple Bar, an area on the bank of the River Liffey with narrow, cobbled streets and a thriving artisan culture. In February, she became the first international artist elected to membership of the Graphic Studio Dublin, which means her work will be shown in some of the studio’s traveling exhibitions. It also earned her an invitation to exhibit in Tokyo and Kyoto next summer.Morrissey was heartened not only by the atmosphere, but by the importance placed on art in Dublin, where people understand its cultural significance. She was also amazed by the generosity of her fellow artists.“It was incredible,” said Morrissey, who has been at Brock for 25 years. “I don’t know of anywhere else in the world like that.”Ireland had a direct influence on the work Morrissey did there. For example, one print features the word “tunc,” the Latin first word from the Book of Matthew in the Book of Kells, a publication circa 800 AD that Morrissey saw at Trinity College while in Ireland. In Morrissey’s piece, the Latin word is layered over its modern translation, “then,” which fits the narrative nature of her work, she said.“It always tells some kind of story.”Another centerpiece is “An Seoltoir Eireannach/the Irish Navigator,” a diptych that uses the image of a ship of the Argo Navis constellation “as a symbol of a flight to freedom of sorts,” she said. One ship is leaving while the other is arriving, “suggesting the ongoing, centuries-old need for people to migrate, never really finding port anywhere.”Morrissey went back to Ireland in the summer to organize her work and prepare for spring 2011, when she’ll return to Dublin. She also has a show at Ireland’s Draicht Arts Centre this month.Merijean Morrissey explains “An Seoltoir Eireannach/the Irish Navigator.” read more

An interesting matchup vs Penn State awaits Ohio State mens basketball in

OSU players cheer during a game against Michigan State on Feb. 23 at the Schottenstein Center.Credit: Samantha Hollingshead | Photo EditorSince early November, the Ohio State men’s basketball team has been trudging through a 31-game swamp of a regular season, its caliber of play seemingly as unpredictable as the Ohio weather. The Buckeyes’ future went from being grayscale amid an early three-game losing skid to technicolor after they stunned then-No. 4 Kentucky before fading fast into an unidentifiable palette during conference play.Yet now the regular season, and all its confusion, has concluded, and seventh-seeded OSU (19-12, 11-7) has been allotted a chance to start over Thursday in the Big Ten tournament against 10th-seeded Penn State. The game, which is scheduled to tip off at 6:30 p.m. in Indianapolis, is the epitome of a make-or-break situation for the Buckeyes. OSU not only needs a victory to advance in the tournament, but a first-round exit would, effectively, end all its chances of an NCAA tournament berth.“I think that mostly our guys have a pretty good understanding that you’re entering into a tournament that if you don’t win, you go home,” OSU coach Thad Matta said Monday on the Big Ten coaches teleconference. “The level should be raised in terms of how we want to play and how we want to compete.” OSU enters the conference tournament on the heels of two double-digit losses to now-second-ranked Michigan State with a victory over then-No. 8 Iowa sandwiched in between. The Nittany Lions (16-15, 7-11) wander into the Bankers Life Fieldhouse winners of five of their last eight games, headlined by wins over eventual regular-season conference champion Indiana and then-No. 4 Iowa. On Jan. 25 in Columbus, the two teams met for the lone regular-season matchup, which OSU won by 20 points. But in tournament play, putting too much weight on previous meetings can be dangerous, especially since the two teams are playing differently now. “They’re obviously a much better basketball team than when we played them a month ago, and our guys will be well aware of that from film,” Matta said. Added Penn State coach Pat Chambers: “We’re really two different teams … it should be an interesting matchup.” Burden of youth The Buckeyes are nearly bereft of upperclassmen, with junior forward Marc Loving being the sole one. That inexperience hurt them during the regular season, and Matta said he understands it might play a role again Thursday. OSU freshman guard JaQuan Lyle (13) controls the ball during a game against Michigan State on Feb. 23 at the Schottenstein Center. Credit: Samantha Hollingshead | Photo EditorOf the 10 players on OSU’s active roster, seven have yet to log a minute in a Big Ten tournament. The three who have are Loving, sophomore forward Keita Bates-Diop and redshirt sophomore guard Kam Williams. To compensate, the coach said pristine performances in practice leading up to Thursday’s matchup are of heavy emphasis. “We want to have the best practice we’ve had all year and be as good as we can possibly be going into this tournament,” he said. Who will take Taylor? In the first meeting, both teams struggled at times but particularly, Nittany Lion senior Brandon Taylor had a tough time on that wintery evening. The forward struggled to engineer anything offensively, finishing the night with 11 points on 5-of-16 shooting and two rebounds in 36 minutes. In the 27 games this season in which Taylor logged north of 20 minutes, his 11-point outing against the Buckeyes was tied for his second-lowest scoring total. Singling out one cause for the woes wouldn’t be fair, but the suffocating defense that OSU sophomore forward Jae’Sean Tate supplied certainly trammeled Taylor. On Thursday, however, keeping Penn State’s leading scorer in check won’t be as easy as assigning Tate to follow Taylor wherever he goes. That is, of course, because Tate is out for the season after having shoulder surgery on Feb. 26. It’s a prime example of why regular-season games can’t be too much of the focus entering tournament time. Both teams are now playing with a different deck than they were in Columbus.The Buckeyes certainly have no shortage of wing defenders — freshman forward Mickey Mitchell, Bates-Diop and Loving, to name a few — but all pale in comparison to Tate on the defensive end. Taylor is the type of player who “can get going at any given moment,” Matta said, and what makes slowing him down laborious is the fact that other perimeter players, such as sophomore guard Shep Garner, can score the basketball, too. Garner was hobbled by an ankle injury in the January, but he’s been hot as of late. In his past five games, he’s averaging 19.8 points and 4.8 rebounds per contest. His play, coupled with the fact that Taylor won’t have to deal with Tate’s peskiness, present an interesting challenge for the Buckeyes. “Obviously, on Thursday we’re going to have to have the same type of effort (from the first meeting), same type of focus of not letting those guys get going,” Matta said. Up nextThe winner of Thursday’s game will advance to take on No. 2 seed Michigan State. That game is set for Friday at 6:30 p.m. read more

Iberian develops new envirofriendly alternative to cyanide

first_imgIberian Minerals Ltd has filed a patent with the US Patent and Trademark Office (USPTO) for its HM X-leach, a proprietary, environmentally-friendly, non-cyanide based leach formula for the extraction of precious metals from ores, concentrates, tailings and electronic waste (e-Waste). A new 100% owned subsidiary, HMX Solutions Ltd has been created to pursue commercial opportunities for this product.For the previous 12 months, the technical team has been developing and testing the unique HM X-leach formula on a number of different ores, concentrates and tailings. Recently, Iberian engaged the services of Met-Solve Laboratories to oversee the development and testing of the formula. The sustainability of the gold industry is being challenged by reduced grades, more complex ores and increasingly stringent environmental conditions. Within industry both the use and disposal of cyanide present significant safety and environmental challenges. Mineworx is helping the industry reduce the risks and environmental impact of current processing operations and developing alternative processes that use less-toxic alternatives to cyanide.The primary challenge in devising a suitable substitute for cyanide in gold processing, lies in developing an equally effective and degradable leach reagent, which is not a persistent environmental toxin. As gold cyanidation rates are relatively slow, the industry has been searching for faster gold leaching reactions capable of facilitating high metal recovery rates. Alternative lixiviants or leaching agents should also be inexpensive and recyclable, selective, non-toxic and compatible with downstream recovery processes. There is an increasing interest in finding new alternatives or improving previously tried processes. Numerous other chemicals have been tested to leach gold, and they include thiosulfate, thiocyanate, ammonia, bromine, chlorine, bisulfides, and thiourea but no one has come up with a more cost effective and productive method than leaching with cyanide until now.The HM X-leach has been developed to be a non-toxic, economical and effective alternative to cyanide leaching. Independent testing has proven that the HM X-leach non-cyanide based formulas and processes when compared to cyanide formulas typically show recoveries comparable to or better than cyanide. Duane Nelson, President of Mineworx, states; “We are very excited with the results of the HM X-leach formula. It has been proven by independent analysis to be non-toxic and faster than typical cyanide solutions on a number of different ores, concentrates and tailings. The HM X-leach is safer to use, offers faster dissolution rates and offers much broader operational parameters. Offering a cost effective alternative to cyanide world-wide with the non-toxic HM X-leach formula will help to reduce the risks and environmental impact of mineral processing and may open up opportunities in areas where the use of cyanide is banned including several European countries, South American countries and some American states. We will continue testing the formula on a broad selection of ores, concentrates and tailings and report the results over the next few months.” Ish Grewal, President of Met-Solve Laboratories, states; ”I have had the opportunity to test, review and analyse numerous lixiviants for gold which are available for the mining industry. Having spent extensive time studying the results of the HM X-leach, we are very impressed with this system. We are delighted to be working with the Iberian/Mineworx team to advance this exciting non-toxic technology.”Mineworx is an innovative heavy mineral development and processing company focused on increasing value within the mining sector with its patent pending, environmentally friendly, portable, heavy mineral extraction technologies: HM X-tract, HM X-mill and HM X-leach.Mineworx’s business model is to seek out advanced stage mineral deposits on which to employ its portable processing technologies and partner with the existing owners/operators by advancing these deposits in an accelerated manner attaining profitable production in a timely, cost effective and environmentally friendly manner. The unique, integrated and portable processes and technologies lower economic risk and reduce environmental impact.Iberian Minerals is a Canadian junior mining company positioned for growth through the partnership of advanced cash flow mining opportunities using the Mineworx environmentally friendly toll processing technologies. The picture shows a Mineworx HM X-tract 200 t/d plantlast_img read more

Explaurum completes Tampia feasibility study

first_imgExplaurum Ltd has announced an initial ore reserve of 7.2  Mt grading 2.09 g/t Au (485,000 oz contained) and completion of the feasibility study for the development of the Tampia gold project in the wheatbelt of Western Australia, 240 km east of Perth near the township of Narembeen. Highlights:Tampia is confirmed as technically sound and financially robust with an initial project life of six years with operating costs in the lowest quartile of gold projects globallyMining plan based on staged development of a single open pit and conventional SAG milling, gravity, flotation with ultra-fine grind (UFG) and enhanced leaching of concentrate, and CIL circuit based on 1.5 Mt/y throughputUpdated Mineral Resource of 675,000oz gold from 11.7 Mt grading 1.79 g/t AuInitial Ore Reserve of 485,000 oz gold from 7.2 Mt grading 2.09 g/t AuInitial mine plan of 534,000 oz gold from 8.0 Mt grading 2.07 g/t Au with excellent potential for resource growthEstimated all-in sustaining cost (AISC) is A$896/oz for the first two years of operations and A$998/oz over LOM, with 104,000 oz produced for each of the first two years of operationsPre-production capital cost estimate is A$119 million (including a A$10.8 million contingency) and payback in 18 months from commissioningNPV at 8% discount rate is A$125 million (pre-tax) and IRR is 47% (pre-tax) at A$1,650/oz goldTimeline for Project development is completion of BFS in October 2018, with subsequent construction subject to development finance, regulatory and Board approvals (expected December 2018)Major exploration program over new gold targets to continue through 2018 and 2019; any growth in resource inventory expected to augment current planned mine life.The project covers an aggregate area of 327 km2, comprising two granted mining leases and nine exploration licences. EXU has a 90% interest in the two mining leases and one exploration licence, and 100% interest in the remaining exploration licences.last_img read more

Practitioner expresses concern over My Health Record

first_img Facebook Twitter: @NeosKosmos Instagram Controversy surrounding My Health Record continues, as the deadline to opt out of the digital database fast approaches.Despite a senate inquiry into the matter recommending that it be postponed for 12 months, supported by Labor and the Greens, the coalition has chosen to go ahead with its plan giving Australians until 15 November, after which around 17 million Australians will automatically have a health record created for them.It will include their medical data from the past two years including every doctor they have visited, medical conditions, pharmaceutical data, and pathology results – all of which will automatically become available to some 900,000 medical practitioners across the country – a reality that concerns Dr Con Costa.The outspoken Sydney-based practitioner says it could have long-term implications on patients if the data gets into the wrong hands.He believes the original idea for My Health Record, which was designed as an opt-in record for complex care patients and already had six million Australians on board, made sense.“I’m feeling very unhappy that something that started off as a doctors and computer people trying to help patients with chronic medical conditions – an elective scheme where the doctor and the patient decided, making an informed decision assisted by independent advice from their doctor – has changed,” Dr Costa told Neos Kosmos.It is estimated that 40 per cent of Australians have yet to hear about My Health Record, a concerning figure given Dr Costa treats a large percentage of culturally and linguistically diverse (CALD) patients.“They say it will be personally operated by you; you will have control. You can go in, you can take stuff out – which reduces the effectiveness of it anyway, you can block people from seeing it – great, sounds fantastic. None of my patients can do that! None are computer literate; they’re older Greeks or migrants,” he says.To help ease concerns, this week Health Minister Greg Hunt unveiled changes to the My Health Record legislation. Among them, the doubling of fines to $315,000 or up to five years’ jail for those that misuse the e-health system, and that the Australian Digital Health Agency (ADHA) cannot delegate access to patient records to other entities, health insurers cannot access records, and employers may not use them to discriminate against workers.But the legislation is unlikely to be set in stone by 15 November.“There’s no law to prevent the sale of this private data to insurance companies and the corporations. If someone hacked it, or even if the government wanted to later sell the data to get the money back for all these costs,” he says.“The government’s saying now we’re going to introduce some rules to say that the government can’t do that, but who’s to say that they can’t change the laws down the track and say ‘well maybe we can sell a little bit’” – a claim that may not be all that far fetched.My Health Record after all has a privacy framework that is identical to England’s failed system, cancelled after it was found to be selling patient data to drug and insurance companies.“The big money this century isn’t going to be from gold or uranium in the ground, it’s going to be from this mass data. If you can get mass data you will control everything: economy, profits,” he says.“How come Medicare has no money, the ABC has been cut back, so has Centrelink. There’s no money for anything, and yet this thing … they can’t throw enough money at it. You start getting suspicious.”Meanwhile it would seem Dr Costa isn’t the only physician with concerns, the numbers speaking for themselves.“Three quarters of Australia’s GPs have opted out – 30,000 specialists, only 300 have shown any interest. In other words, all the specialists are not in, so why am I sharing my record if the specialist isn’t in? It’s absolutely scandalous.”Adding to Dr Costa’s concerns is monetary incentive for uploading patients’ data, with a payment of up to $50,000 per year, per medical practice being allocated. Taking his Hippocratic Oath seriously, he says this creates a conflict of interest.“My responsibility as a doctor is to protect you, that’s what you come to me for. And I think now they’re forcing the doctors into an unethical position. So you sit down with your doctor, and your doctor says ‘I’ll upload this, it’s good for you’ but the doctor’s not saying ‘and I’m going to get $50,000 a year for doing this’,” he explains.While the record has in large part been justified to ensure better treatment of patients, with more accurate information, Dr Costa says that the biggest factor when it comes to mistakes in the medical field is a lack of time with the patient for critical thinking, a direct cause of a lack of funding for Medicare.With My Health record estimated to cost over $2 billion with annual costs currently at $500 million, he says the funding would be more wisely injected into Medicare to give doctors more time with patients to better understand problems and manage conditions.“Let’s be quite clear about this, I would not be talking to you had it stayed as opt in, because what the doctor and patient do voluntarily, that’s their decision. I don’t think it’s safe, but I agree for someone that’s 85 years old, has had cancer and lots of doctors,” says Dr Costa.“I think My Health Record Opt In was the Trojan horse, getting all the medical professionals involved, thinking we were going to help the chronic, complex patients with this and then once they got us all involved, they changed it to opt out and thought we’d be stupid enough to keep supporting them.“You asked me why I’m doing this? Wouldn’t you as a doctor? Having been trained in the Hippocratic Oath and watching all this happen, the more I looked at it, the worse the smell got.”last_img read more

Ostréiculture fin du test de la souris

first_imgOstréiculture : fin du test de la sourisFrance – Le ministre de l’Agriculture François Le Maire a confirmé lundi la fin du test de la souris pour la commercialisation des huîtres. Dorénavant, un test chimique sera appliqué.Le test de la souris permettait aux ostréiculteurs de déterminer si leurs huîtres pouvaient être mises en vente. Le procédé consistait à injecter, en laboratoire, des extraits d’huîtres à des souris. Celles-ci devaient survivre au moins vingt-quatre heures après l’injection pour que les huîtres puissent être commercialisées. À lire aussiLa plus grosse huître du Royaume-Uni pêchée en EcosseDepuis 5 ans, ce test entraînait régulièrement une interdiction de vente des huîtres et le mécontentement des ostréiculteurs. Seul le résultat du test de la souris comptait, or parfois des tests chimiques l’infirmait. Par exemple, dans le Bassin d’Arcachon, la vente d’huîtres a été interdite de nombreuses fois alors que selon les tests chimiques, elle n’aurait dû être proscrite qu’une seule fois. De plus, ce test ne permettait pas de connaître la cause exacte du décès, c’est-à-dire le composé toxique en cause.Un test chimique a donc été mis au point. Validé par l’Union européenne, il permet de savoir quelles sont les toxines présentes dans les huîtres ainsi que leur quantité exacte. Ainsi, il est beaucoup plus fiable pour les consommateurs et les interdictions de vente seront certainement moins fréquentes qu’avec l’ancien test.Le 19 janvier 2010 à 12:35 • Emmanuel Perrinlast_img read more

Police Dash Cam Captures Meteor Shower Ahead of Geminids Peak

first_img NASA Says 2 Asteroids Will Safely Fly By Earth This WeekendHubble Captures Saturn’s ‘Phonograph Record’ Ring System Stay on target As stargazers scrambled for the best positions to catch a glimpse of the Geminids, 2018’s best meteor shower, an officer in Indiana had a pretty sweet view — right from his patrol car.Cpl. Chris Cramer from the Howard County Sheriff’s Department was driving on a roadway on Wednesday just before midnight when a flash of bright light streaked across the night sky.center_img “While on patrol last night, Cpl. Cramer caught what appears to be a meteor entering our atmosphere on his dash camera near 600 E. on SR22,” the Howard County Sheriff’s Department posted on their Facebook page, along with a dash cam video, which shows a green fireball streak across the sky.The cool meteor sighting occurred just a night before the Geminids peaked on the night of December 13 (the morning of December 14). At its peak, close to 100 meteors per hour streak across the sky in a brilliant light show.Howard County residents were quick to add their own meteor shower moments: “Meteor shower last night and tonight. Granted its cloudy tonight. I saw about 30 or more. Pretty cool,” said one poster. While others appreciated the many uses of the dash cam: “It’s cool being in the right place at the right time. Dash cams have lots of uses.”The Geminids are active every December, when Earth passes through a massive trail of dusty debris shed by a weird, rocky object named 3200 Phaethon. The dust and grit burn up when they run into Earth’s atmosphere in a flurry of “shooting stars,” NASA posted on its Watch the Skies blog.More on‘Christmas Comet’ Will Be Brightest Comet of the Year35 Incredible Images of Earth’s Mountains and Volcanoes from SpaceWatch: This Is the Longest Continuous Time-Lapse Shot from Spacelast_img read more

Government to provide £5m additional funding to make pensions dashboard a reality

first_imgAutumn Budget 2018: The government will provide an additional £5 million in funding in 2019-2020 to help bring the pensions dashboard to fruition.Chancellor Philip Hammond (pictured) confirmed in his Autumn Budget 2018 speech, delivered on Monday 29 October, that the Department for Work and Pensions (DWP) will consult later this year on the detailed design for the pensions dashboard, as well as explore how an industry-led approach could utilise industry innovation while still protecting pension members.The DWP plans to work closely with both the pensions industry and financial technology firms throughout this process.The pensions dashboard, currently in development, will be an online tool that enables individuals to see all of their pension pots, including their state pension, in one place.Scott Finnie, product architect at Hymans Robertson, said: “We would strongly urge the government to direct its energy and finances towards establishing the data standards necessary for the dashboard concept to flourish. By doing so, it will facilitate innovation in the consumer applications available. It will allow established providers and new entrants alike to deliver a range of intuitive dashboards and tools to engage consumers in their pension provision. Those innovative applications are the visible face of the dashboard; the data standards are the foundation. By focusing on the data standards, the government will equip and encourage industry to deliver better retirement outcomes for UK consumers.“We are very supportive of the pensions dashboard announcement in [the] budget and welcome the financial commitment of £5 million. Open banking shows that industry led, government-supported initiatives do lead to innovation that benefits consumers, so this support will be fundamental to its success.”Steve Webb, director of policy at Royal London, added: “It is a real step forward that the government has indicated that state pension data will be included in the design of what it calls pension dashboards. This greatly increases the prospect of dashboards which cover all the key pension information which consumers need to know. The additional £5 million a year for the DWP in 2019-2020 is also a welcome symbol of the fact that the government is committed to taking this agenda forward, albeit more slowly than we would have wished.”last_img read more

MDCs InterAmerican Campus renamed after retiring President Padrón

first_imgMIAMI (WSVN) – Miami Dade College’s president received a high honor as he prepares to bring his career in academia to an end.MDC’s Board of Trustees renamed the InterAmerican Campus in Miami’s Little Havana neighborhood the Eduardo J. Padrón Campus in honor of the outgoing president.Padros has been working at the college for 50 years and served as president for 25 of those years.“By recognizing me, what the trustees are really doing is really recognizing the village,” said Padrón. “By the village, I mean the many thousands of people that in my journey have helped me build this great institution.”Padrón is set to officially step down at the end of the summer.Copyright 2019 Sunbeam Television Corp. All rights reserved. This material may not be published, broadcast, rewritten or redistributed.last_img read more

Two senators call on FTC to hit Facebook with more than a

first_img 2 Now playing: Watch this: Politics Tech Industry 2:50 Share your voice Tags Comments Facebook CEO Mark Zuckerberg speaks during the F8 developers conference. Getty Images Congress is getting impatient with a federal probe into Facebook’s privacy policies.On Monday, two senators called on the Federal Trade Commission to wrap up an investigation into the social network, which has been under the microscope for potentially having violated an earlier deal with the government about misusing its members’ data. In a letter, Sens. Richard Blumenthal, a Democrat from Connecticut, and Josh Hawley, a Republican from Missouri, called on the FTC to conclude its probe and “compel sweeping changes” to Facebook’s privacy practices. The pair also asked the FTC to hold individual executives, which could include CEO Mark Zuckerberg, accountable.The request comes amid mounting expectations the FTC and Facebook are negotiating a fine of as much as $5 billion, which would be the largest ever levied by the agency. In an earnings report last month, Facebook prepared investors for such a fine, saying it’d already set aside funds to cover at least part of it.A fine, regardless of its size, might not be enough to satisfy the two senators, who called on the FTC to target individual executives for punishment.”Even a fine in the billions is simply a write-down for the company, and large penalties have done little to deter large tech firms,” the senators wrote. “The FTC should impose tough accountability measures and penalties for individual executives and management responsible for violations of the consent order and for privacy failures.” The consent order refers to a 2011 agreement Facebook struck with the government. Facebook’s Zuckerberg preaches ‘The future is private’ The FTC acknowledged receiving the letter. Facebook didn’t immediately respond to a request for comment.The FTC investigation stems from Facebook’s failure to control the data of as many as 87 million users. That info ended up in the hands of Cambridge Analytica, a UK political consultancy accused of using the data to influence political campaigns, including the Brexit vote and the 2016 presidential campaign that led to the election of Donald Trump. Facebook FTClast_img read more

See ya Styrofoam We test the Igloo Recool a 10 biodegradable cooler

first_imgEnlarge ImageThe Igloo Recool is a small cooler made from recycled tree pulp. It’s fully biodegradable and costs $10 each. Tyler Lizenby/CNET Cheap Styrofoam coolers get the job done if you just want to keep a couple of drinks cold, but they typically end up in landfills, where they can take hundreds of years to break down, if not longer. Now, Igloo has an alternative that won’t fill you with green guilt during your next trip to the beach.It’s called the Igloo Recool, and Igloo calls it “the world’s first eco-sensitive cooler made from 100% biodegradable materials.” At just $10 each, it’s currently up for sale exclusively at REI stores, with a wider retail rollout set for later this summer.First seen in January at the Outdoor Retailer and Snow Show, the Recool is a hard-sided cooler made from a mix of paraffin wax and recycled tree pulp. With a capacity of 16 quarts, it promises to retain ice for up to 12 hours, making it a good pick for quick day trips. The body features built in handles as well as a lid with four cup holders on it, and Igloo adds that it can stand up to bumps and drops better than Styrofoam, too.One other benefit over Styrofoam, per Igloo: “No annoying squeaking noises, ever.”We got our hands on one here at CNET’s Louisville office and rushed it into the lab for a quick round of cooling tests. It’s surprisingly rugged for what’s basically a bin made of souped-up papier-mâché. Igloo’s team claims it’ll hold up to 75 pounds of weight, and hold water without leaking for up to 5 days. When you’re finished with it, you can recycle it, compost it — or empty it out and let it air dry before reusing it.To test it, we started by filling it with about 3 pounds of ice and loading it into our climate-controlled test chamber. From there, a probe sitting up above the ice inside the cooler took ambient temperature readings every minute for 48 hours. That’s the exact same test we subject full-size coolers to, and while the Recool obviously didn’t hold the cold as well as those, it was still able to hold its internal temperature about 10 degrees lower than room for about 8 hours before things started warming back up. Aug 31 • Alexa can tell you if someone breaks into your house 8 CNET Smart Home Aug 31 • The best coffee grinders you can buy right now Appliances • Aug 31 • Best smart light bulbs for 2019 (plus switches, light strips, accessories and more) Aug 30 • Battling bot vacs: iRobot Roomba S9+ vs Neato Botvac D7 Connected Share your voice Comments reading • See ya, Styrofoam: We test the Igloo Recool, a $10 biodegradable cooler Tags Three pounds of ice isn’t even half of a small bag from the gas station, so that challenge is definitely a little bit of a stress test by design. For a better look at how the Recool might perform under typical conditions, I dried the thing out and ran another test. This time, I used the whole bag of ice from the gas station (7 lbs.), and I threw a six pack of Diet Coke inside for good measure, too.Twenty-four hours later, I had that nifty graph you see below. The ice brought temperatures inside the cooler from room temperature (70 degrees F) down to about 40 F. That’s roughly the same temperature as the door shelves inside your fridge. More important: The Recool held that temperature steady for a good 15 hours before things started warming back up. Even then, it was a slow climb — temperatures still hadn’t quite returned to room temperature at the end of the 24-hour test.sub-30-coolers-with-lifoamEnlarge ImageHere’s how the Igloo Recool performed in a climate-controlled test chamber set to 70 degrees after we loaded it up with 7 lbs. of ice and a couple of soft drinks. The temperature quickly fell about 30 degrees, then stayed there for about 15 hours before things heated back up. Ry Crist/CNET All of that is great, and it tells me that the Recool would work well as a cheap, eco-friendly cooler during a tailgate or a quick day-trip to the beach. I can’t imagine squeezing in much more than that six-pack or so once you’ve filled it with a good portion of ice, but if you’re just packing drinks for a couple of friends or family members, it’ll do the trick.I also liked that the Recool didn’t get soggy during any of my tests. By the end of each one, it was filled with a couple of inches of standing water, but the cooler never started to dissolve on me. I just dumped it out and let it air dry for an hour or so, and it was basically back to new.It’s all enough for me to crown this thing as my cheapskate cooler of choice. It isn’t quite as good at insulating the cold as Styrofoam is, but it’s still surprisingly adept at it — and it’s infinitely better than Styrofoam for the environment.Originally published April 22.Update, May 9: Added performance testing data.    Going ahead and starting test run number two. More of a real-world test this time — a full 7 lb. bag of ice and a 6-pack of Coke (with my temperature probe jar standing in for one of the Cokes). We’ll get a good look at how the Recool performs with a typical load.— Ry Crist (@rycrist) May 6, 2019 CNET Smart Home See Alllast_img read more

Bolarum railway amenities woefully inadequate

first_imgBolarum: The apathy of Railway officials is causing lot of inconvenience to the passengers at the Bolarum Railway Station. There is no sitting facility due to which the passengers are forced to stand or sit on floor till the train arrives. It is a great pain for the aged and disabled persons. There is no proper shed at platform nos. two and three due to which the commuters have to bear the brunt of hot sun and rains during monsoon. Above all there is no safe drinking water facility. Also Read – Hyderabad: Intermediate student dies of cardiac arrest in class Advertise With Us The station has three platforms, four railway tracks and handles 10 local trains and nine Express Train services per day. Around 300 passengers avail the services daily. For an Express Train with a large number of coaches, the platform should have sufficient no. of entry/exit gates for the convenience of passengers. However, there is only one main entrance gate at Bolarum Station. Due to the absence of any other exit or entry points, it takes 15 minutes to reach the main entrance for passengers coming from end of platforms. Also Read – Hyderabad: Wall collapse in Kukatpally damages four cars Advertise With Us “The station is not cleaned and there is sewage overflow from nearby gated communities to the platform no 3,” says Mohan, a commuter. The rail commuters are forced to stand under the open sky and are getting drenched during rains,” he added. “Due to lack of proper sitting facility, especially the senior citizens are forced to sit on the floor,” said Murali Krishna, Executive Committee member, Federation of New Bolarum Colonies (FNBC). He informed that FNBC has submitted many written complaints to railway officials but no action has been initiated.last_img read more

Goa Taxi drivers strike against governments speed governors continues state to invite

first_img[Representational image]Creative commonsThe government in the south western state of Goa on Friday reprimanded the striking taxi drivers who are protesting against the installation of speed governors in their vehicles.Several travellers remained stranded at the bus and railway stations, airports and hotels, due to lack of transport.While over 17,000 taxis were off the streets in Goa on January 19, a fleet of yellow and black pre-paid taxis operating from the airport, ferried the passengers in the wee hours of Friday, but later they too joined the strike.Goa: Tourists stranded in Goa as taxi drivers in the state go on a strike, they have asked govt to exempt them from the Supreme Court order of installing speed governors and for RTOs to stop harassing them to implement this rule, among other things.— ANI (@ANI) January 19, 2018However the state run Kadamaba Transport Corporation Limited (KTCL) put in place 25 buses to help the stranded passengers at the airport and seven buses for the railway stations, PTI reported.Thousands of taxi operators converged at the historic Azad Maidan in Panaji  to protest against  government proposed speed governors in taxis.”We are against the installation of speed governors in our vehicles. When other states have not installed it as yet, why should we be forced to do so?” complained Laxman Korgaonka, the President of North Goa Tourist Taxi Owners’ Association.On Thursday, Goa Chief Minister (CM) Manohar Parrikar had said that the Essential Service Maintaince Act (ESMA) has been invoked to make sure that the taxi drivers are forced to continue the services.Also, twiteratti took their concerns over the strike to their twitter handle and urged to the Parrikar government in Goa to bring in Ola and Uber application based cab services. Few others also questioned the government as to what are they doing to avoid the problems faced by the citizens in Goa. Here are few tweets:Hey @manoharparrikar please get Uber /Ola in Goa. This kind of Monopoly is unheard in World.. these taxi union are cheating Tourist n Government at large.— Nrupal Mehta?? (@nrupalmehta) January 19, 2018Been told that there’s absolute chaos in Goa because of a taxi strike. Taxi drivers trashing things and beating people up. Do you not have the power to put a stop to this @manoharparrikar?— Ashwin Mushran (@ashwinmushran) January 19, 2018Taxi strike in Goa. Any ideas on reaching the airport from vagator beach would be appreciated. #goa #taxistrike— Suresh Pradeep (@SureshPradeep) January 20, 2018@goacm @TourismGoa it would be helpful if we have taxi aggregator service in Goa.But.. thank you for pressing in more KTC buses as alternate transport arrangement. Really saved our day.— Alwyn Roy Lobo (@alwynrl) January 20, 2018Clarifying the need of the moment, a statement issued by Transport Minister Sudin Dhavalikar on Friday reaffirmed that if the strike is not called off by Saturday, then the transport department will invite the leading cab services— Ola and Uber— to operate in Goa, with the decision of their services in the state to be taken by the office bearers of the taxi union. Uber [Representational Image]ReutersThe statement issued by the state transport minister also said that the government will terminate or suspend the licenses of the drivers who would still continue to protest against the proposed speed governors.Furthermore, CM Parrikar pointed out at the Supreme Court’s guidelines in deploying the speed governors in taxis and asserted that failure to install the same will be a contempt of court.Parrikar has now issued a deadline of February 24, 2018 for the striking drivers to install speed governors and warned them that they will be deprived of fitness certificates from the department of state transport.last_img read more

Kamal rules out unity with BNP if Jamaat remains its ally

first_imgGano Forum president Kamal Hossain and other members of the party address a press conference at the National Press Club on Tuesday. Photo: UNBGano Forum president Kamal Hossain on Tuesday said his party will not join the BNP in any greater national unity if Bangladesh Jamaat-e-Islami remains an ally of the opposition party.In the wake of ongoing discussion on forging a greater national unity involving the major opposition forces, the elderly politician made his position clear at a press conference at the Jatiya Press Club, reports UNB.Asked whether they will go for forging the national unity with the BNP keeping Jamaat in its alliance it, Kamal said, “I and our party won’t do it, but I don’t know what other parties will do.””So far, as I know, Jamaat is no longer political a party as its registration (with the election commission) has been cancelled,” he added.Mentioning that he did not go with Jamaat in his entire life, Kamal Hossain said he would not budge from his position at this last stage of his life.He, however, said there is a progress in the initiative for forging a greater unity to ensure a free, fair and inclusive national election in the country.Kamal’s Gano Forum is yet to join the Jukto (United) Front floated by former president and Bangladesh Bikalpa Dhara chief AQM Badruddoza Chowdhury but he is in touch with the Front which too is negotiating with the opposition parties to form a greater alliance.Replying to a question who will lead the alliance if there is a greater unity, Kamal said he believes in joint leadership, not an individual’s leadership.The Gono Forum chief said they have got permission for holding a public rally at Gulistan’s Mohanagar Natya Mancha on 22 September as part of their efforts to forge the national unity.About the shifting of the makeshift court to Old Dhaka Central Jail from Alia Madrasah ground to hold trial in Zia Charitable Trust graft case, he said the decision was not taken as per the Constitution. “I think, they (BNP) will challenge the decision, and the court will judge it. If I go to the court, I’ll say it’s not constitutional.”Kamal, also a noted jurist, said holding the trial of an ‘opposition leader’ in jail is not the right action.About the ruling party leaders’ remarks on holding the trial of Col Taher in jail, he said it was held during the military rule 41 years back. “It’s not logical to shift the court to jail citing such an instance. I think, the constitution has been violated with it.” About the BNP’s demand for Khaleda’s treatment in any specialised hospital, the Supreme Court senior lawyer said there is a long tradition of allowing sick prisoners receiving treatment in any hospital.Mentioning that he has heard Khaleda Zia’s health condition deteriorated, he said a sick person should not suffer this way. “The government shouldn’t forget we live in a civilised society.”Voicing his deep concern over the ‘wholesale’ arrest of people by plainclothes police, Kamal alleged that the government is not running the country as per the constitutional rule.”Power must be exercised following the rules and abiding by the Constitution. We’re now worried we’re going beyond the constitutional rule.”He urged that the government to remain alert so that people are not harassed unlawfully and the law enforcers do not abuse power.The Gano Forum president criticised the government for arresting and taking on remand those students who waged movements for quota reform and safe roads.Referring to the arrest of several hundred BNP leaders and activists from their Monday’s human-chain programme, he said the government should refrain from such acts to ensure a normal situation in the country ahead of the general election.last_img read more

Crunchyroll CoFounder Kun Gao Moves Into Advisory Role Joanne Waage Heads Anime

first_imgIn October, Sony’s Funimation announced the end of its cross-licensing pact with Crunchyroll, under which Crunchyroll offered subtitled versions of shows also available in dubbed versions on Funimation.Crunchyroll recently hit 2 million paying subscribers, which is priced starting at $6.95 per month, and it claims to have more than 45 million registered users worldwide. The service offers more than 1,000 anime titles, comprising a collection of over 30,000 episodes.According to Crunchyroll, Waage has been serving as general manager of the San Francisco-based service since September. Previously, she served as CEO of streaming service Rakuten Viki. Before joining Viki in 2015, Waage worked at MobiTV for 10 years, including as SVP of business development and head of content acquisition. Earlier in her career, she worked at Viacom’s MTV Networks.“Even prior to joining the team, I saw Crunchyroll fueling the widespread popularity of anime, as the clear leader in the space,” Waage said in a statement. “We have big plans to create more 360-degree experiences for fans via content, games, merchandise, events and more.”This week, Crunchyroll launched a new brand campaign, “Stay Crunchy,” running across broadcast, movie theaters, streaming audio, and digital and social media channels. The marketing spiel is centered on a spot, created by L.A. ad agency Omelet, that pays tribute “to those who live anime.”The 90-second ad (below and at this link) blends live action and anime and features the service’s mascot, Hime, who comes to life as an animated character for the first time. ×Actors Reveal Their Favorite Disney PrincessesSeveral actors, like Daisy Ridley, Awkwafina, Jeff Goldblum and Gina Rodriguez, reveal their favorite Disney princesses. Rapunzel, Mulan, Ariel,Tiana, Sleeping Beauty and Jasmine all got some love from the Disney stars.More VideosVolume 0%Press shift question mark to access a list of keyboard shortcutsKeyboard Shortcutsplay/pauseincrease volumedecrease volumeseek forwardsseek backwardstoggle captionstoggle fullscreenmute/unmuteseek to %SPACE↑↓→←cfm0-9Next UpJennifer Lopez Shares How She Became a Mogul04:350.5x1x1.25×1.5x2xLive00:0002:1502:15 Popular on Variety center_img Kun Gao, co-founder and former general manager of Crunchyroll, has stepped aside from day-to-day management of the anime-streaming service, which is now led by general manager Joanne Waage.According to a Crunchyroll statement, Gao remains “very much involved” with the service as an adviser and is “continuing to work on several projects.” In addition, Gao serves as a board member of Crunchyroll KK, the division’s Tokyo-based operation.“The last 12 years has been a wild and exhilarating ride, and it’s humbling to see that Crunchyroll is now a daily habit for millions around the world,” Gao said in a statement. “I feel great about where we are today and am confident that Joanne and the team will continue to stamp the world (Crunchyroll) orange.”Crunchyroll is now a wholly owned part of AT&T’s Otter Media, after the telco bought out the Chernin Group’s majority stake in the digital-media venture earlier this year. In early December, Otter Media laid off 10% of its employees but according to sources Crunchyroll was spared from the cuts.last_img read more

Class XI student hangs self over depression

first_imgKolkata: Arkaprabha Basu, a Class XI student of a well-known school inSouth Kolkata committed suicide at his residence on late Thursday evening. Police have confiscated his cell phone and laptop. Preliminary investigation revealed that he was in mental depression and searching suicide notes online. Arka was admitted to hospital last year after he severed his veins because of his involvement in the Blue Whale game. Police said Arka, a resident of Patuli, was a son of working parents. His father works at an oil company and his mother is an employee of a nationalized bank. Her elder sister is a lawyer. Also Read – Rain batters Kolkata, cripples normal lifeFor quite some time, Arka lost interest in his studies and was repeating Class XI for the second year. This aggravated his depression. In 2017, he was admitted to hospital and was under treatment after he severed the veins following his Blue Whale involvement. On Thursday evening, his parents and sister had gone out and there was no one in the house except a maid. The maid heard a loud sound and asked the watchman of the apartment to break open door which was locked from inside. Arka committed suicide by hanging himself from the ceiling. Police was informed. Meanwhile, his parents and sister rushed back home. The body was sent for an autopsy and his laptop and cell phone were seized.last_img read more

Inside a Costa Rican microbrewery – at the beach

first_imgImagine yourself sitting at the beach on a very warm, sunny Costa Rican afternoon. It’s the perfect scenario for a cold handcrafted beer. And you’re in luck, because you’ve got a brewery right at hand: Tamarindo’s Volcano Brewing Company.Brewmaster Nikki Hurren tells you that the brewing process occurs two times a day with their 3.5 barrels system. You’re so interested in this process that the brewmaster gives you a tour through their small factory. Some kegs inside Volcano Brewing Company’s factory. Jordi Louzao / The Tico Times“First we rinse the barley in water to take out the sugars and reach the sugar level we want in the beer when we add the yeast. The yeast eats the sugar and converts it into alcohol,” Hurren says.Using their manual brewery system, Hurren then continues with the wort, which is kind of like barley malt. Beer in the making. Where the beer’s temperature is controlled. Jordi Louzao / The Tico Times Volcano Brewing Company is located on the main street of Tamarindo right in front of the beach. Via Volcano Brewing Company’s Facebook“We leave it in those fermenters with yeast. For ale, which is the most popular style in Costa Rica, it takes two weeks. The first part of the fermentation take about five days and then another five days for the temperature, which leads us to another tank where we inject carbon dioxide. That’s where the gas or fizz” are added, Hurren says. Volcano Brewing Company’s selection of beers. Choose the one you’d like the most. Jordi Louzao / The Tico TimesThe liquid then goes to the bright tank, where the gas level is checked. Finally, the beer proceeds to the siphon so customers can sample three varieties: pale ale, a dark amber called Gato Malo (Bad Cat), and the IPA or Indian Pale Ale.The pale ale has 5 percent alcohol, the dark amber a 4.5 percent and the IPA is the strongest with a lot of hop, or humulus lupulus, to give it its strong taste.After all this explanation, there’s only one thing you can do: sit down, relax and drink a cold beer while the waves crash on the beach.Volcano Brewing Company donated a tour to The Tico Times for the purposes of this story. Volcano Brewing Company is a local brewing company in Tamarindo, Guanacaste with 100 percent artisanal production. For more information visit their website or Facebook Page. Facebook Comments Related posts:How the Tamarindo Labyrinth was created Planet-friendly fusion cuisine: a meal at Cala Luna The growth of the Tamarindo Diria Hotel Tamarindo to host underground electronica Ocaso Music Festivallast_img read more

Etihad introduces Dreamliner to commercial service

first_imgEtihad Airways yesterday introduced its first Boeing 787 Dreamliner into commercial service with the first flight flying from Abu Dhabi to Dusseldorf.A ribbon-cutting ceremony was held at the departure gate to mark the occasion, attended by Etihad representatives and special gift packs were handed to guests on the inaugural flight, including luggage tags, passport holders and commemorative B787 certificates.Etihad Airways president and chief executive officer James Hogan, said that this is a tremendous milestone for Etihad Airways.“The Boeing 787 is without doubt the most technologically advanced aircraft in its class. It will provide us with a clear reduction in operating costs and carbon emissions, at maximum reliability and efficiency,” Mr Hogan said.Etihad Airways revolutionary new B787 interiors feature 8 First Suites, 28 Business Studios and 199 Economy Smart Seats, all featuring on-board décor and lighting inspired by contemporary modern Arabian design.Etihad Airways’ order for two variants of the B787 (-9 and -10), is one of the largest for the type, totalling 71 aircraft.The airline will place the aircraft on other key medium and long-haul routes such as Washington DC, Mumbai, Moscow and Brisbane, with more destinations being added as the airline takes delivery of more of the type.Source = ETB Travel News: Lewis Wisemanlast_img read more

August 29 2018

first_imgAugust 29 , 2018 The partnership between Wada Farms Marketing Group and Genesis Organics supports mutual commitments to sustainably grow an organic program that stands on its own from the rest of the industry. This in turn will provide more health-conscious consumers with more affordable and readily available certified organic produce on a year-round basis.About Wada Farms Marketing GroupWada Farms is a leading grower and shipper of potatoes, onions, and sweet potatoes with long-standing partner relationships throughout the US and in other countries around the world. The company is empowering the retail and foodservice industries with new product innovations, premium quality varieties, and economical supply chain solutions. For more information, please visit www.wadafarms.comAbout Genesis OrganicsGenesis Organics partnered with Camas Organics, a premier grower of 100% certified organic Idaho potatoes for both domestic and international markets. Camas Organics is owned and managed by Don McFarland and his wife Carol. The companies together are continually searching for varieties that are suited for organic production, and best meet the needs of the market place and the discriminatingorganic consumer.Don McFarland, Grower and Co-Owner of Genesis Organics, along with his wife Carol, and Co-owner and Factory Manager Manuel Flores, are confident that they have developed a state of the art, European style, year-round packing operation. By utilizing boxes for storage and movement into the packing facility, temperature can be controlled, and bruising kept to a minimum. A new innovative refrigerated storage designed for box storage ensure constant quality. The storage power is generated PRESS RELEASE(Idaho Falls, Idaho) – Wada Farms Marketing Group has strategically partnered with premier organic packer Genesis Organics located in Southern Idaho. This new exclusive partnership provides new avenues for growth in the organic potato category with most notable being a longer supply availability to service all retail and foodservice industries on a year-round basis.“The demand for organic produce continues to grow in an exponential fashion. Customers are asking for more organic options when it comes to potatoes, and we are proud to be able to respond to that demand,” states Kevin Stanger, President, Wada Farms Marketing. “This new partnership will further enhance our ability to be a one-stop shop pertaining to all things organic and conventional in the potato world. We’re taking the pressure off buyers having to source from multiple locations throughout the year. At the end of the day, we can provide fresh organic options with efficient, convenient supply chain solutions.”Genesis Organics, working with Camas Organics, has developed an agriculturally proficient program that allows for premium quality that stands at the fore front of the organic potato industry. The Genesis program is centered around developing strong, viable seed that will ensure consistent quality throughout the lifecycle of the tuber. Don McFarland, Grower & Co-Owner of Genesis Organics, states, “We are confident that our partnership with Wada Farms will result in delivery of the best varieties, in the best condition, to meet the demand of the discriminating, health conscious retailers and consumers in our ever-changing environment today. We are continually searching for varieties that meet that need.”center_img You might also be interested inlast_img read more