Footballers, against LaLiga rallies

first_imgLaLiga sent the clubs the new action protocol days ago for the return to training (as we have been counting, possibly the second week of May), which is only an extension of the first one that was written a few weeks ago when the coronavirus already forced to stop the competition, at least, until the summer. It consists of four phases so that the performance of the professionals is optimal: preparation for training, solo training, group training and collective training. After its dissemination, the reactions have occurred: it is liked by the clubs (in fact it was approved by the LaLiga Delegate Commission in which 12 represent the 42), but it is not to the liking of the footballers or several coaches, the protagonists in field. According to some First and Second captains consulted off the record, and taking into account the opinions gathered by the Association of Spanish Footballers, a majority is especially opposed to the plan of the concentrations. These would be, at least, for 15 days before restarting the competition, if it is finally possible, with strict hygiene measures and controls, and could be reproduced during the remaining 11 days depending on the circumstances. The players, in principle, do not see logic and at most they could consider doing it a week. Technicians also don’t see the easy strategy to execute.“The procedure prepared by LaLiga starts from the possibility of being able to apply it in a confined way in a place closed to the outside such as a sports city or a concentration hotel, thus complying with the measures established by the State of Alarm decree”, the employer’s association says in its text, specifying that these measures will only be applied in phases three and four of this whole process (group training and collective training), while solo work may be carried out while the players and the coaching staff continue living in their usual homes. However, Busquets, who is vice president of the AFE Board, already positioned himself the other day at Cope: “We are going to be able to train little by little, one by one, but then it will be difficult to get together and travel. I don’t think it can be done. “ Suso already said it in Radio Sevilla when the first sketch of the protocol came out: “The same would have to be giving already LaLiga by finished”. And they have been joined by other voices from the bench such as Oltra (Racing): “The LaLiga protocol is complete nonsense.” Setien’s has been the strongest opinion: “If playing meant taking some kind of risk, I would reject it. I don’t know if the LaLiga protocol will be able to be followed. I have read it and I do not think it can be done. It requires very difficult logistics, I don’t know if you have to be so rigid. As it is stated, it seems unfeasible to start training soon ”. AFE, who will meet again in the next few hours with AFE, has seen some wink in the text to the proposals made by his union on his own after listening to his associates and the director of the Health department, Eugenio Martínez. The Federation thing has been worse. LaLiga has not taken into account almost none of the recommendations it made with its best will on April 11 in a report in which numerous professionals participated, from sports medicine specialists and physical trainers to researchers in Sports Sciences and Physical Education , with the direct of the RFEF medical services, Helena Herrero, at the helm. Beyond the deadlines of which he spoke in his proposal (21 days of preseason if the confinement is four weeks and a month of previous training if the break is six weeks), all kinds of solutions were proposed that either have not been reflected in the document or that, now with the new truce signed between Rubiales and Thebes with the CSD involved, are also included later when the protocol of closed-door matches is expanded, which still needs to be completed and that AS has already advanced: the RFEF spoke of expanding the number of players per squad to introducing two more changes in an exceptional way, proposed by the doctor and accepted by the referee , in addition to four breaks for hydration per encounter.Other professional soccer experts consulted (doctors, physios, recuperators …) about the exhaustive LaLiga protocol (23 pages) have more doubts about its content. First, due to the very clear distinction that is already made between immunized and non-immunized (in turn subdivided into two, high protection and medium protection), something that even Health is not yet very clear on not knowing the complex reality of the virus, and also on the isolation strategy if any COVID-19 positive appears. This is where the debate arises as to whether the entire workforce should be quarantined or not. The protocol says this: “In this case, within the staff, technical staff or members of the concentration, the positive must be immediately isolated in a place away from the concentration (for example, their habitual residence), the entire group of training, being set aside until the results are obtained, the facilities must be cleaned and disinfected and daily medical checks will be recommended. ” Setien is clear: “The protocol seems to me a sinvivir.” Something that, according to several professionals in sports psychology (not included among the essential personnel in those sports cities or concentration hotels), is a reality since the protocol says that the players stay in their rooms in that hypothetical concentration of about 20 people. around the sports staff and they will not hold meetings in common or private areas. Most agree on one idea: “Players have been in their homes for more than a month without being able to leave, like any citizen, and returning to be confined or isolated is not the best way to perform properly in the elite. It is not only the physical, but also the emotional aspect. If there is a risk, it is the same as not playing. ”last_img

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