David Jiménez, president of ProLiga: “The RFEF proposal is a flight forward”

first_imgIt is that those approaches that had to play in July or August are unfeasible because the federal licenses and many labor contracts end at the end of the season. Volunteerism is a fundamental right of workers, you cannot force anyone to play in the summer. There are boys who are going to study abroad, who have signed with other clubs … There would be a lot of legal uncertainty regarding a possible end to the season in July and August.They also announced that they will double the budget of the salary guarantee fund so that no one can go uncollected.And not only do I have to take into account the loss of revenue from the closure of the facilities, I am also concerned about the coming season and the loss of all the backing sponsors. They will probably also start the season without public subsidies, some club has already been told that this money now has to be dedicated to other more urgent and priority things. The clubs do not know how to budget next season.These aid will have to return in two seasons, can it be bread for today and hunger for tomorrow?Yes, you have to be careful because it is nothing more than getting into debt. ProLiga has made two proposals to the Federation in this regard. One, that it was not only aimed at teams with professional licenses for footballers and yes for everyone who asked for it, because, although they are not the chips, they have other expenses. And the other, asking that clubs that had requested an ERTE before opening this option (since they do not have payrolls after the ERTE cannot justify that financing) are not left out of that financing.How much politics ahead of the next elections and how much sports organization is there in the decision that there are promotions and not decreases?From the moment you drop, you can piss off more clubs. Obviously, they try to find the proposal that generates the least discomfort. It is a flight forward: I propose this option and we will see how we correct it. Of course, the fairest thing is always to finish all competitions. You could also consider starting the next season with exactly the difference in points that the clubs have right now, without promotions or decreases.In principle, next season we would have 98 teams in Second B.But it is also not known if four of the Second Division will descend, so would 26 play in LaLiga SmartBank? It really is a proposal with many fringes to close and subject to improvisation. Another delicate issue is when this possible playoff is going to be played and when the next season begins, because it should not be so clear that it can be played in June. And what happens if a team starts training and a player tests positive? Is the entire team quarantined and stop competing? The Federation has a great responsibility.Is there a date for a next step?What the Federation explained in this statement. This week ideas will be collected and I understand that at the beginning of the next sit down and make it concrete. Yesterday the Federation surprised in mid-afternoon with a statement proposing an innovative model without a regular league and an express playoff. With this, Rubiales steps out of the letter ProLiga sent the day before, the amateur football association representing a large part of the 2nd, 3rd, Junior Honor Division and futsal clubs, transmitting the discomfort of the entities in these categories due to the uncertainty about this season.On Monday they sent a letter asking for solutions and arrived in one day.We have been in talks with the clubs for quite a few days and everyone was concerned. They have fixed expenses that are difficult to cope with less income. It is not easy to make decisions, but we understood that the Federation had to be asked to do so. At least they have put a proposal on the table, although it is not closed.Based on the complexity of the situation, has the RFEF acted on time? Is it normal that you should have been asked to react?It is difficult, to the last bull we can all talk. The Federation has had the same uncertainty and lack of information as many other sectors. It is logical that his first position is to stick to what the authorities mark. What they could have advanced is sitting with ProLiga, who are the ones who know the context of these clubs. With more time we could have given a possible solution before or offered this same solution, but in a more firm way.What do the clubs think?Honestly, at the moment we are in, it is impossible to make a proposal that everyone thinks is good. We have already spoken with clubs and each has its own interests. Those who were lower seemed good to avoid relegation and those who were higher seemed good, although with the uncertainty of what that playoff would be like. But there are teams that are fifth and complain that they could have ended up in promotion positions. Some would see it fairer than the classification taken into account is that of the first lap. We are in a moment to collect ideas and help with any proposal.Could any of these injured clubs take legal action?I do not know yet, but I would not be surprised if they could ask it. I am not an expert, but there are still certain legal connotations to consider.Does ProLiga offer any different proposal to this model?We represent associates in all positions, so it’s complicated. We must be one of the interlocutors mentioned by the RFEF in its statement. We are ready to contribute ideas, but we do not have a final proposal of our own.The Federation’s justification for this proposal is to create “a framework of legal, social and economic security”, what do you mean?last_img

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