Mason City council gets update on downtown skywalk between Music Man Square, hotel

first_imgMASON CITY — The City Council in Mason City Tuesday night got an update about the skywalk that will connect Music Man Square with the hotel slated to be constructed in the parking lot of Southbridge Mall that’s part of the River City Renaissance project. WHKS is in the process of finalizing the design of the skywalk which will be 17 feet-six inches high over US Highway 65. WHKS president Fouad Daoud says they’ve been working with the city’s Design Review Committee and the Iowa Department of Transportation on the design.  “We submitted our preliminary plans to the DRC, it was reviewed, we received back very minor comments, we implemented those. Along with that we also sent our preliminary plans to the Iowa DOT, you know we have a partner on this because we’re going over the state highway. They approved our layout, they approved our clearances. They had very minor comments about what we have done. We’ve proceeded with the design, we reached about 60%.”Nathan Kaye is a designer for the DLR Group. He says the skywalk will be constructed so people when walking through it can reorient themselves with Mason City.  “We have this glass, there’s a mixture of clear and textured glass, that will help filter views as you walk through it. We have a cladding system that pulls tones from all of the surroundings, so it kind of makes the structure of more of a part of the city instead of just a part of Music Man. At the same time as it’s a nice texture and slight juxtaposition of Music Man.”Kaye says the skywalk can also have lighting that reflects different types of events going on in the community.  “If there’s a wedding at Music Man or something, we could light it red. If there’s a hockey game going on, we can maybe do a tint of blue. So could be this way of people coming in and out of the city, if they’re not aware, one, they could be like ‘oh hey there’s a hockey game’. Two, it just kind of makes them aware so if there is something going on, there might be more pedestrians.Three, it’s a subtle, subconscious way that we could bring in this element of awareness by way of skyway.” In about three to four weeks, the design will go back in front of the DRC and DOT for a “90% check plan”. Once the plans are finalized, construction would take about four to six months. The cost of the skywalk is estimated at $2.5 million.last_img

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