Sumner County Sheriff Office weekly jail bookings: March 28 to April 4, 2016

first_imgSumner Newscow report — The Sumner County Sheriff Office report for March 28 to April 4, 2016 weekly jail bookings are as follows:  Monday 06:00 thru Monday 06:00  WEEKLY BOOKINGS 03-28-16 THRU 04-04-16  OXPD1 Red Leaf, Reno S.27Ponca City, OK501 N. Washington, Wellington, KSSUSOFailure to appear3/31/16 Head, Jay E.50Argonia, KS500 N. K49 HWY, Argonia, KSSUSODriving under the influence4/3/16 SGSO1 Tredway, Kelly D.34Winfield, KS300 W. Main, Oxford, KSOXPDViolation of bond4/3/16 Robison, Kenneth R.50Tecumseh, OKI-35 MP33, Mulvane, KSKHPDriving under the influence, Transporting an open container4/2/16 Beaty, Lucas D.32Arkansas City, KS610 E. Hillside, Wellington, KSSUSOServing sentence4/1/16 Decker, Franklin L.27Wellington, KSGreenwood County JailSUSOProbation violation/Probation violation3/30/16 NAMEAGEHOMETOWNLOCATION OF ARRESTAGENCYCHARGESDATE OF ARREST  Stowell, Connie M.18Wellington, KS501 N. Washington, Wellington, KSSUSOProbation violation3/28/16 Vaughn, Christopher J.23Mulvane, KS501 N. Washington, Wellington, KSSUSOProbation violation3/31/16 SUSO13 Eckstrom, Caleb C.42Argonia, KS1000 W. 7th, Conways Springs, KSSUSODriving under the influence of alcohol or drugs, Driving while license cancelled4/3/16 Wells, Joseph L.24Derby, KS416 E. Hickory Ct.OtherFailure to appear3/31/16 TOTAL18 Coleman, Kirk D.46Wichita, KSDouglas County JailSUSODriving while license cancelled; Operate vehicle without liability insurance/ Failure to appear/Failure to appear3/29/16 Bell, Nikki J.21Wichita, KSKTA I-35 MP16, Wellington, KSKHPFailure to appear (X2)4/1/16 Becker, Robert W.48Wichita, KSSedgwick County JailSGSOProbation violation4/1/16 Davis, Cody J.25Wichita, KS610 E. Hillside, Wellington, KSSUSOServing sentence4/2/16 Schmeidler, Eli E.26Wellington, KS610 E. Hillside, Wellington, KSSUSOProbation violation3/28/16 Skiles, Jessica L.30Mulvane, KSTopeka Correctional FacilitySUSOProbation violation3/29/16 Jacobs, Paul R.22Wellington, KS217 S. Meridian St., Wellington, KSSUSOFailure to appear3/31/16 KHP2 OTHER1 Gratzer, Michael L.34Wichita, KS116910 S. US 81 HWY, Peck, KSSUSODriving while license cancelled3/28/16last_img

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