Coaching Styles

first_imgSince I once coached basketball, I find it interesting to watch other coaches’ behavior on the sidelines.  Nobody seems to sit on the bench any more.  They are constantly walking back and forth either in front of the bench or as far down the floor as referees allow.  For the most part, if you coach at the high school level, the milder, less confrontational style seems to work the best.  There are always exceptions, of course.  Most high school athletes respond best to a less “in your face” style.  This is especially true when coaching girls basketball.  As the players get older, the coaching has to change with them.  I doubt if anybody could act like Bob Knight did and still be effective today.   And yet, he is a Hall of Famer.  I have been told that once a coach reaches the pro ranks he are no longer a coach–he is just a handler.  You handler the players’ schedules, their pay checks, and you handle their agents.  They will show up for practice, but that doesn’t mean they will practice when they get there.  If you can handle egos at this level, you will be successful.  How much influence do you think the Miami Heat coach has on LeBron James when he decides to take over a ball game and do it his way?last_img

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