Gov’t shuts down 5 establishments ‘polluting’ Manila Bay

first_imgThe Department of Environment andNatural Resources (DENR), Laguna Lake Development Authority (LLDA),Metropolitan Manila Development Authority (MMDA) and the Philippine NationalPolice Maritime Group (PNP-MG) served closure orders on four restaurants and anauto shop located at HK Sun Plaza along Macapagal Boulevard. Zhi-Brothers Restaurant, Ocean BayRestaurant, Da Rae Jung Korean Restaurant, Song Do Won Restaurant and BHP1Autoworks violated Republic Act 9275 or the Philippine Clean Air Act of 2004,authorities said. Environment Undersecretary for SolidWaste Management and Local Government Units Concerns Benny Antiporda criticizedthe errant establishments for jeopardizing the ongoing rehabilitation of ManilaBay. The law prohibits discharging ordepositing any pollutant to water bodies. It also requires businesses to eitherput up their own sewage treatment plant (STP) or connect to a wastewatertreatment facility authorized by the DENR or LLDA. “No matter how much effort we give incleaning the Manila Bay, nothing will happen if we allow these errant businessowners to do what they are doing,” he said in a statement. The Philippine government closes down five business establishments in Pasay City after they were found discharging untreated wastewater into Manila Bay. ABS-CBN The establishments’ sewer lines were notconnected to the STP of their lessor, HK Sun Plaza, the LLDA found during aninspection. HK Sun Plaza, which is owned by theSocial Security System Investment Property Department, built a P10-million STPin compliance with the closure order issued by the LLDA in February 2019 forits illegal wastewater discharge. The iconic bay, famous for its sunsetview, has been undergoing massive cleanup as ordered by President RodrigoDuterte to restore its former glory. Antiporda also reminded other businessowners to comply with existing environmental laws and regulations. The agencyis also willing to provide technical assistance or advice to businesses incomplying with environmental rules. Only wastewater that has passed throughthe STP can be discharged to Libertad Channel, which then drains into ManilaBay. THE Philippine government has closeddown five business establishments in Pasay City after they were founddischarging untreated wastewater into Manila Bay. Results of an earlier water sampling in thearea showed that Manila Bay’s average fecal coliform level was at 330 millionmost probable number (mpn), 3.3 million times above the standard 100 mpn thatis ideal for swimming. (ABS-CBN News)last_img

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