The “Cro card” project is not dead, a pilot project will start soon

first_img“We might arrive as early as the preseason, and at worst in the fall we would do a week-long rehearsal to see what the interest is. In any case, that week will go, we have prepared it, and the point is that employers get part of the money tax-free, as they now have HRK 7500, and that we eventually add HRK 2500 and that it is an additional reward, but that it is spent in Croatia”, Said Cappelli for Admittedly, these are the frameworks that were in the initial project proposal, but no details about the implementation are known yet, and as Cappelli pointed out, we can expect more details soon. Two years ago, Horwath HTL held a presentation “Analysis of the justification for the introduction of the Croatian tourist voucher” in which it was pointed out that applying a maximum of 10 thousand kuna would theoretically have a potential of about 1,5 million employees, but it is possible count on its usability at about 15 to 30% or from about 35 to 4 billion kuna realization. Cro cards as a great benefit for continental tourism RELATED NEWS: As Cappelli points out, as part of the project, employers would pay the workers the amount “somewhere in the amount of HRK 2500”, which they would give to their employees as a reward. CRO CARDS A ONE-TIME MEASURE OR SOLUTION TO THE PROBLEM OF CONTINENTAL TOURISM? The introduction of Cro cards for continental tourism has been waiting for years, and which will certainly help continental tourism a lot. Asked if his announcements mean that the project did not fail, he replied that it did not, but it has not yet been determined what it will be called: Cro card, Croatian Offer Week or similar. It is important to emphasize that 50 percent of the funds from the card would go to accommodation, 25 to 30 percent would go to catering services, food and drink, and the rest of the money could be used for museums, wellness and similar facilities. So a Cro card would be another bank card to which the employer would deposit money. Of course, those employers who want it, because otherwise there are no sanctions, and the state would return the same money to the employer through tax relief in the amount of 25 to 100 percent of the amount paid. It is assumed that the direct financial effects through the increase in consumption would be the realization of total revenues of 2,7 to 5,4 billion kuna, 10 to 21 thousand new employees directly and indirectly, 1 to 2 billion kuna of new value and 7,6 to 11 billion kuna of new investment.There were two proposals on the table at that time, the first that the employer pay the employee five and the second 10 thousand kuna. When we asked about the project “Cro cards” from the Ministry of Tourism, they point out that the preparation of the project with the aim of encouraging domestic tourism trends is in its final stage and that they will inform the public about the details in a timely manner. Minister of Tourism Gari Cappelli said on Monday before the Government session that the “Cro card” project, in which employers would pay workers the amount they could use to pay for accommodation and other tourist services in Croatia, is not dead, but its implementation is being worked out. he writes last_img

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