Garage Taco introduces contactless dining

first_imgBINGHAMTON (WBNG) – Garage Taco in downtown Binghamton has introduced a new way of in house dining to keep its customers safe. You can order your entire meal on your phone. Once your food is ready, a member of the restaurant will bring you your meal. If everything goes according to plan, this will be your only interaction with a staff member. “Serving people food is our job, but it also comes with a responsibility of keeping people safe,” said Sharp. “Everyone is used to shopping online. You go to your Amazons or whatever you order, so I think it is second nature for most people,” said Sharp. Contactless dining begins at the point of arrival where customers can seat themselves at an open table. Through a barcode you scan on your phone, the restaurant’s menu pops up. “What’s the best way to keep us safe but also keep people coming to the garage?” said Garage Taco owner Daniel Sharp. Sharp told 12 News he can re-purpose his other staff members to other jobs around the restaurant. He said that they can use this as a chance to improve their food service. You can then pay your bill the same way you ordered your food. An idea that Sharp brought to the restaurant with the hope of keeping everyone safe. “Just because we’re not taking your order doesn’t mean we’re not here to make sure your experience is going well,” said Sharp.last_img

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