Lessons of the Week! Bernadette Peters, Sheryl Lee Ralph & More

first_imgSheryl Lee Ralph Photobombs Like a BeeSpeaking of divas of the most fabulous caliber, let’s talk about Wicked’s new Madame Morrible, Sheryl Lee Ralph. Back in their Dreamgirls days, Ralph photobombed Loretta Devine’s shot with Muhammad Ali, and to this day, Devine has no intention of letting it go. Dreamgirls will never leave you—and evidently, neither will their grudges. Tyler Hanes Dreams Like a JellicleIf it walks like a cat, sings like a cat, and dreams like a cat, it’s probably a cat—or, at least, a very Jellicle Tyler Hanes. Broadway’s Rum Tum Tugger revealed that Cats has had such an impact on him that he now sleeps in a catlike position, paws and all. Quick question: What do Jellicle cats dream about? Waltzes by Strauss? Floating tires? High belting? It’s been an emotional whirlwind of a week on Broadway, but as always, the show must go on, and nothing will stop the Great White Way from being just a little bit weird. Over the past seven days, we’ve learned what makes a Keenan-Bolger a diva, how a Ms. Honey keeps calm and which cartoon character a Frankie Valli turns to when things go wrong. Catch up with your Broadway favorites below with the Lessons of the Week! Ms. Honey Wears Heads Around Her HeadLife can be scary, and we all have our ways of coping with that, from joining in the crusade to whistling a happy tune. For Matilda’s Jennifer Blood, it’s wearing a necklace of doll heads as a reminder that life isn’t always serious. That’s great, but…what happens to the rest of the dolls? Bryce Pinkham, we’re looking at you… Celia’s Only a Diva in Her Upper RegisterCelia Keenan-Bolger is far from a prima donna, but give her some high notes, and she’ll unleash her inner Carlotta. The Cherry Orchard star shared that playing Johanna in Sweeney Todd made her feel like a diva, as it made her realize she could play so many more roles than she initially thought. But can you stand and shout in a moving gondola, Celia? That’s a true diva move. Harold Perrineau Is the New Glamour CatBecause of his performance in Romeo + Juliet, The Cherry Orchard favorite Harold Perrineau has fans asking to touch him—and by proxy, Leonardo DiCaprio. We never expected to dreamcast Michael from Lost as Grizabella, but here we are. If you touch him, you’ll understand what happiness is, or at least you’ll understand what that feeling of eating raw bison liver to win an Oscar is. Audra Singing Makes Everything BetterWhat’s better than a fancy French wardrobe? How about a fancy French wardrobe with six Tonys? This week, we learned that Audra McDonald will perform a new song in the upcoming live action Beauty and the Beast. Pro tip: If you’re lucky enough to have Mama Broadway in your major movie musical, make sure she has a song. Or six. Ariana’s Wig is the Liz/Beth of A Bronx TalePreviews are a time for change. Lines are changed or cut, choreography is tweaked, and sometimes, you get a haircut. Ariana DeBose’s hair went from long to short during the first few performances of A Bronx Tale. One person, two possible outcomes. We were joking a few weeks ago about it, but this time, we mean it: Is Ariana DeBose living in an If/Then universe? Is she always starting over with a brand new wig? Caitlin Houlahan Wants Just the CrustThe cast of Waitress has a diverse palate. Former Dawn Jenna Ushkowitz wants a pie with plenty of salt, and her successor Caitlin Houlahan wants one with plenty of crust. Lots of crust. Like, a filling made of crust. We’re not sure how the Carb-loving Caitlin would be able to pull this off, but we have faith. You got this, Jessie? Tyler Hanes, Audra McDonald, Harold Perrineau, Ariana DeBose, Sheryl Lee Ralph & Bernadette Peters(Photos: Emilio Madrid-Kuser, Theo Waro/Getty Images & Joan Marcus) Elmer Fudd Is the Fifth SeasonEveryone makes mistakes. Some Glindas lose their hair in their bubble. Some Christines throw masks. And some Frankie Vallis turn into Elmer Fudd. When Jersey Boys vlogger Mark Ballas fudged a line recently, it caused him to channel America’s favorite animated rabbit hunter. We’ve always wondered what “Kill the Wabbit” would sound like with an impossibly high falsetto and a full brass section. Bernadette Has a Venetian Special SkillBernadette Peters can do it all: She can pull off the ultimate “I’m out,” she can sing a song to a pair of boots, and she can stand and shout while in a moving gondola. We got a taste of that last highly specific skill in the trailer for the new season of Mozart in the Jungle. We’re glad the whole Broadway legend thing worked out for her, but it’s always good to know she has a fallback career as a gondolier. View Commentslast_img

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