Ocean City Police Activity Report Aug. 12-18

first_imgThe police department is located at Calls for Service: 922      Daily Average:  131August 12: Sunday Calls for service:  151Stops:19  Accidents: 5 Property Checks: 32 Alarms:The Police Depart. assisted with 13 Fire and 10 EMS callsCity Ordinance noise, 1000 block Wesley Ave., at 12:05amWarrant Arrest, 700 block Boardwalk, at 7:07amVehicle accident, 8th & West Avenue, at 9:21amVehicle accident, 800 block West Avenue, at 11:42amTheft, 800 block Ocean Avenue, at 2:01pmFall City property, 3500 block Central Avenue, at 4:54pmVehicle accident, 1200 block Wesley Avenue, at 5:29pmWater rescue, 9th Street-Route 52, at 8:40pmTheft, 1700 block West Avenue, at 9:41pmAugust 13: Monday Calls for service:   107Stops:  8 Accidents: 2 Property Checks: 24 Alarms: 7The Police Department assisted with 15 Fire and 9 EMS callsCity Ordinance noise, 300 block 31st Street, at 3:29amVehicle accident, 900 block Ocean Avenue, at 11:00am Fall City Property, 900 block Boardwalk, at 11:58am Trespassing, Unit block Wesley Road, at 12:27pm Vehicle accident, 34oo block Simpson Avenue, at 2:07pm Agency Assist, 3600 block Asbury Avenue, at 2:09pm Harassment, 900 block Wesley Avenue, at 4:54pm Counterfeit, 1200 block Boardwalk, at 6:01pm Fall City property, 5400 block Central Avenue, at 7:23pm Property Damage, 900 block Boardwalk, at 11:45pmAugust 14: TuesdayCalls for service: 142Stops:  21 Accidents: 3 Property Checks: 30 Alarms: 5The Police Depart. assisted with 16 Fire and 12 EMS callsTrespassing, 300 block West Avenue, at 6:13amFall City property, Lagoon Road, at 7:36amVehicle accident, 5500 block Simpson Ave., at 9:55amTheft, 500 block Wesley Avenue, at 1:29pmTheft, 700 block Central Avenue, at 3:09pmFall City property, 700 block West Avenue, at 7:55pmMotor Vehicle accident, 300 block Bay Avenue, at 10:43pmCity Ordinance Noise, 900 block Boardwalk, at 10:52pmAugust 15: Wednesday Calls for service:  140Stops: 29 Accidents: 5 Property Checks: 25 Alarms: 3 The Police Depart. assisted with 12 fire and 11 EMS callsCounterfeit, 900 block Asbury Avenue, at 8:24amMotor vehicle accident, 3800 block West Avenue, at 1:32pmMotor vehicle accident, 8th & Atlantic Avenue, at 2:46pmVerbal dispute, Seacrest Road, at 4:02pmMotor vehicle accident, 3100 block West Avenue, at 4:43pmFight, 700 block Boardwalk, at 8:04pmTheft, 700 block Pleasure Avenue, 10:54pmVerbal dispute, 12th & Boardwalk, at 11:40pmAugust 16: ThursdayCalls for service: 99Stops: 10  Accidents: 3 Property Checks: 18 Alarms: 2 The Police Depart. assisted with 18 fire and 15 EMS callsWarrant Arrest, 800 block Central Avenue, at 1:13amBurglary/Theft, 200 block 11th Street, at 7:52amFall City property, 1600 block Boardwalk, at 10:39amFall City property, 900 block Boardwalk, at 11:02amTheft, 1600 block West Avenue, at 3:43pmVehicle accident, 1300 block Central Avenue, at 4:05pmVehicle accident, 500 block Asbury Avenue, at 4:49pmNeighbor dispute, 900 block Wesley Avenue, at 5:56pmVerbal dispute, 1200 block Boardwalk, at 11:19pmAugust 17: Friday Calls for service: 136Stops: 21 Accidents: 1 Property Checks: 30 Alarms: 7The Police Depart. assisted in 13 fire and 14 EMS calls 7Neighbor dispute, 2000 block Glenwood Drive, at 9:45 amTheft, 800 block Boardwalk, 9:29 pmFall City property, 400 block 16th Street, at 11:20 amVerbal dispute, 1700 block Simpson Avenue, at 9:09 amWarrant Arrest, 3900 block West Avenue, at 1:47 pmMotor vehicle accident, 3500 block Asbury Ave., at 2:23 pmTheft, 800 block Boardwalk, 8:14 pmTheft, 1200 block Boardwalk, 9:20 pmAugust 18: SaturdayCalls for service:  147Stops:  23 Accidents: 5 Property Checks: 32 Alarms: 1The Police Department assisted in 18 Fire and 15 EMS callsCity Ordinance noise, 5300 Block Central Ave., at 12:51amVehicle accident, 3400 block Simpson Ave., at 10:35amVehicle accident, 5th Street and Boardwalk, at 12:30pmVerbal dispute, 100 block Boardwalk, at 1:40pmMotor vehicle accident, 4500 block West Avenue, at 3:47pmVerbal dispute, Moorlyn Terrace & Boardwalk, at 7:33pmFight, 500 block 14th Street, at 11:03pmJuvenile problem, 1100 block Atlantic Avenue, at 11:18pmVerbal dispute, 800 block Bay Avenue, at 11:36pmPUBLIC SERVICE ANNOUNCEMENTS:Residents and visitors are encouraged to use the 911 system when reporting crimes and violations of the law. For matters non-emergent you can dial 609-399-9111. Many residents and visitors are using email when reporting various issues to the police. This may cause a delay and is not the most efficient way to get a timely response.last_img

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