first_imgTO THE EDITOR OF CCO:I want to address a quote from DMD Director Kelley Coures that appeared in the Courier & Press that I find problematic. When referring to the ongoing revitalization of downtown he has been quoted as saying that he thinks that “one of the things the next City Council will have to do is find money to incentive construction of housing Downtown.”I take exception to his comment in several ways. First, it is not the job of a department head to tell the elected officials what they “have” to do. It is the job of our elected leaders to tell the department heads what they are to do in the public interest. Mr. Coures has a reputation for being rude to the public, and the Mayor appears to have no objection to how “the little people” are treated.The content of the quote is an even bigger sticking point for me. We have spent tens of millions of dollars to benefit the downtown area and will be paying that debt off for decades to come. We have all been told by the Mayor and Mr. Coures that those improvements will bring people back downtown to live. If that is true, and there is a market for middle-income housing in downtown, private development will handle that demand. We don’t incentivize subdivisions near the county line. We don’t need to because people want to live there. When people want to live downtown, builders will at least enjoy the fact that zoning will not be a problem and land prices are comparatively low, as well. Those and other natural incentives are nothing that City Council will have to “find.” I would also remind the gentlemen that if the hotel had not been so radically downgraded, there would be new apartments being built right now.As the election draws near, I hope the voters will step back and take a long, hard look at how the interests of the entire city have been served by Lloyd Winnecke and his employees. I don’t believe that Evansville can withstand another four years of Winnecke, much less Kelley Coures.Laura K. BlackburnFacebookTwitterCopy LinkEmailSharelast_img

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