Come out on top

first_imgIf you read last week’s article, those glorious hats should now be adorning your rain-drenched hair. Do not think, however, that just because it is cold, and you have a big bright hat on, you can hide away from having a suitable top. Tops are one of the hardest things to get right. The colours, the shapes, the sizes – there is so much that can go wrong – and so little that ever goes completely right. Boys: It is important not to assume that every t-shirt that looks like your size is your size. Having found the appropriate chest size, look at the length. With your arms in the air, the t-shirt should just reach the top of your waistband (assuming you aren’t wearing your trousers half way down your bum, or around your rib cage). The colour really can be anything you like, but originality is key, so try your best. As it is chilly, a nice jumper always looks good. Preferably vnecked, and non-stripey. Stripes are everywhere, as Gap goes on sale. Shirts look good, but I am not a fan of the ‘I look smart casual, because I have a smart shirt but haven’t tucked it in’. I think there is definite evidence to show that tucked in shirts, pulled out (so it doesn’t look like a skin tight body warmer) look very good. With rolled up sleeves, they definitely suit those of you with boatie hats, or fedoras (I like to think I can advise the minority too). Girls: Watch out for the size. Your breasts, and for that matter your bra, are very important here. If you are going to wear a tight top, don’t wear a ruffled bra, and make sure your bra fits – no one wants to see back spillage. If you have big breasts DO NOT be overly summery, i.e., avoid too much ornamentation and busy patterns. Halter necks can look good, but if you have big breasts, do some damage limitation. If you are less well-endowed in the chest area, then you can get away with anything – I think loose tie halter necks look especially good. Colour, shape, design – paying more definitely means getting more. Even if two t-shirts look the same, always get the more expensive one – it will have subtle tailoring that makes the top look like it fits. Beware of the mass produced t-shirts – vintage style is only vintage if it isn’t worn by anybody else. I also offer a caveat about strapless bras. They have a tendency to pre-occupy the wearer, causing them to ‘hoist’ at every opportunity. Also, they tend to pull your breasts down, making them look saggy. Two essential accessories: double-sided sellotape – keep those boob tubes over your breasts. And duct tape: keep those breasts in check (I have not tested the duct tape advice – it seems intrusive and painful. I just stick to bras). And if you are going to wear spaghetti tops, white bras with black tops are not attractive. Be subtle – yes, the boys do look at your breasts, regardless of what you wear, or how you wear it.ARCHIVE: 2nd week TT 2004last_img

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