A Journey of Leadership and Inspiration

first_imgAs we celebrate International Women’s Day on March 8th, I am grateful for the many women who have shared their voices of experience and encouragement. Their visible and vibrant presence confirms that the face of the workplace is evolving—soon more than 50% of the workforce will be female.  Ignoring this shift is not an option.  Women are driving change around the world, from the early days of pioneers like Sojourner Truth and Abigail Adams to current leaders like Madam Lu Hailin and Hillary Clinton. Each has her own message encouraging us to continue the journey.In the past year I have attended a number of women’s conferences, some as close as my hometown of Boston and others as far away as Beijing. Conference themes included “The Future is Now for Women” and “Creating your Future Career Success.” Packed agendas offered advice to women of all ages, professions, and walks of life.  Standing amidst thousands of women who gathered for these inspiring events showed me just how many of us are ready to take our careers and contributions to new heights.Now more than ever, women are providing significant return on investments for our companies, clients, communities and organizations.EMC employees proudly attend the 2014 Massachusetts Conference for WomenInfluential conference speakers encouraged all women to make a conscious effort to lay a strong foundation for other women to succeed.  Speaking at the recent Massachusetts Conference for Women in Boston, actress Lupita Nyong’o offered this thought:We continue to fight for equality, for justice, for freedom, for compassion…and we achieve the most when we are awakened and responsive to the dreams of our individual hearts. It is then we can be part of a whole and share our tools to fulfill the bigger picture of a better tomorrow.I believe this is applicable to all female leaders of today and the future.  Nyong’o eloquently provides perspective for the bridge that we must continue to build in the corporate world, in our local communities, and in our global society.The stories of Lupita Nyong’o and so many other high-achieving women are uplifting and encouraging, speaking to how far women have come on this journey.  Their insights also point to gaps that we must still work to close.Some of these conferences also offer participants the opportunity to look back and explore the often turbulent paths that our foremothers took.  This view always serves to illustrate and understand our progress.  By being informed and inspired by our past, we can continue to forge ahead, shaping the critical roles women will play in building the ecosystems of today and tomorrow.I am proud to represent EMC when I am at these events, surrounded by thousands of women from many different walks of life, ages, and accomplishments.  The people of EMC are committed to supporting the journey of our colleagues, as well as women around the globe.  With each step, we increase our cultural competence – a proficiency gained through inclusive attitudes and behaviors that help us interact most effectively.The ultimate measure of success will be when all EMC employees bring their “whole selves” to work, embracing a diversity of thought, people and perspectives because they can’t imagine working any other way.last_img read more

The Key to a Best-in-class Customer Service Experience

first_imgAlong with the other members of the executive team, I spend a great deal of time talking with our customers and partners about the future of Dell and Dell EMC and they clearly understand the value we will bring to their businesses. They see our combined company as a more strategic IT provider, especially around the broader portfolio we can now offer and our combined scale in the marketplace. And this is consistent with what industry research firms are hearing from the customers and partners they have surveyed.For example, recent research reports, one from the Enterprise Strategy Group (ESG) and another from IDC, both validate the anecdotal evidence we are hearing – that customers and partners are excited about the merger and expect to do more business with our combined company than they did previously.Here are a few highlights from ESG:“Dell and/or EMC storage customers—and even non-customers—are overwhelmingly bullish about the possibility of a combined Dell-EMC in terms of more traditional data storage offerings, as well as increasingly appealing converged and hyperconverged infrastructure solutions…89% of the respondents expect to maintain or increase their storage spending with the combined entity over the next 24 months and overall, two-thirds of organizations that don’t currently purchase storage systems from Dell or EMC expressed more interest in buying from the new company, with 39% classifying this increased likelihood as significant.”1Similarly, IDC found that:“Customers and Partners are bullish on the Dell | EMC merger, and nearly half of respondents expect to spend more with a merged Dell | EMC…Most anticipate that the merger will create value for them…and the majority of partners view the merger positively as they see opportunities to offer new services.”2A September 2016 survey of 560 IT professionals conducted by 451 Research shows that more than 80% of survey respondents had a positive or neutral opinion of the Dell EMC merger, and more than one-third (37%) expressed a positive or very positive sentiment. Among those respondents who already purchased from Dell and EMC, nearly half (46.3%) viewed the merger as very positive or positive. Why? According to the report, “Customers are enthusiastic about the benefits that working with a single large organization can bring in terms of having a single entity for sales and support, having access to a broad technology portfolio and overall ease of management.”These third-party research findings confirm what we are hearing in our conversations with customers and partners. Clearly, we have enormous opportunity ahead of us. Yet, we also know that making the most of this opportunity requires us to bring the same maniacal execution to the way we sell to, service and support our customers, offering them the same — or even better — experience they expect when it comes to doing business with us. Customers say seamless support integration is critically important to them going forward. And according to the ESG survey, when asked about the most important criteria when selecting a Data Center Infrastructure Vendor; 59% of respondents said service, support and ease of implementation.The key to a best-in-class service experience is our ability to understand customers’ IT and business challenges, coupled with our experience and expertise to execute successful customer outcomes. Our newly combined portfolios allow us to bring “better together” solutions and deliver a differentiated service experience that enables customers to get the most value from their IT investments.While there will be no visible changes to our customers’ support experience right away, behind the scenes our teams are working diligently to make the combined Dell EMC Services experience seamless, effectively raising the bar on what customers’ consider to be “best in class.” Dell EMC’s first delivery of cohesive, consistent support across both Dell and EMC products is a new service, available October 18, that embodies our commitment to that goal, ProSupport One for Data Center.Designed specifically for joint Dell EMC enterprise customers, this new service provides a unified, best-in-class support experience across Dell and EMC data center products. And this is just the beginning. We are committed to the continued evolution of innovative IT services that enable our customers and partners to achieve their desired outcomes.A high-quality service experience requires a modern service portfolio, with comprehensive deployment services, transformational consulting capabilities, personalized support experiences, and proactive and predictive capabilities that leverage data-driven insights. Dell EMC Services will bring these things together into a single, integrated portfolio, driving transformations at scale, with personalized support that is predictive, proactive and consistent across the board. Our ultimate goal is to provide a seamless and consistent engagement across all of our products, while continually evolving our best-in-class service experience. We are committed to a customer-focused approach to innovation and excellence.For world-class companies, customers should influence their priorities and actions at every step along the journey and success should be measured based on the voice of the customer, especially customer satisfaction with support services. We heard our customers loud and clear when they said that service and support are critically important, and although they want to protect or preserve their existing service experience, they also expect consistency and a best-in-class experience across their full Dell and EMC installed environments, and we agree.I hope you will continue to share your feedback on what’s working and what we need to do better, and I invite you to join our annual Customer Experience Day virtual celebration on October 5 when you can learn more about our customer experience approach and capabilities, and hear from our customers, leaders and team members.1Enterprise Strategy Group, ESG Brief: Implications of Integrating the Dell and EMC Storage Portfolios, July 20162IDC, Customer and Partner Perspectives on the Dell-EMC Merger, doc# US41576516, July 2016last_img read more

Making Practical Decisions at Dell Technologies World

first_imgOne of the best things about working for Dell EMC is our relentless focus on enabling our customers to take advantage of the latest and greatest technology without forcing them to make expensive and proprietary ‘mistakes’. Going all the way back to that dorm room at the University of Texas, Dell EMC has focused on eliminating obstacles and delivering technology to help others reach their potential.In the beginning, it was through a focus on bringing the benefits of the personal computer directly to consumers’ hands. Today, we focus on driving the standards of technology and putting those standards to work for our customers. In other words, Dell EMC is a very practical company. And the solutions we offer to customer challenges are similarly practical.Make it Real will be the theme next week at Dell Technologies World 2018. In that spirit, we will be demonstrating some practical, yet innovative solutions to some very interesting and emerging technologies. I encourage you to come talk to our experts in the Server & Infrastructure Systems (booth #325) as part of the Infrastructure Solutions Group within Dell EMC. New and emerging technical trends seem to pop up every day – figuring out how to leverage them and maximize your investments is as practical as it gets. At Dell Technologies World, we will be demonstrating how PowerEdge servers and industry-leading OpenManage software get the most out of these technologies. Here’s a quick look at what we’ll be showcasing next week:Artificial Intelligence & Machine Learning: Investments in AI and Machine Learning are expected to deliver an ROI of two to five times.[1] But to get these kinds of results, you’ll need specialized resources. Check out our latest PowerEdge servers built for maximizing AI and Machine Learning.Blockchain: There has been so much in the press about Bitcoin and cryptocurrencies. But the underlying blockchain technology is enabling more than just a new financial instrument. Come learn more about how to leverage this intriguing capability – and have some fun while you’re at it.Additional Horsepower: As the data center becomes more complex and your workload requirements evolve, plain ‘vanilla’ compute alone may be inadequate. Check out new technologies like FPGAs and GPUs. PowerEdge has increased support for these new capabilities by five times in the past year – come take a look.Intelligent Automation: To be competitive, organizations of all types need to be able to scale – and scale is about people as much as it is about technology. KPMG reports consistently that over 60 percent of CIOs report that skills shortages limit their ability to scale.[2] With Dell EMC OpenManage software, you can radically reduce the time and people needed to manage your infrastructure. Don’t believe the numbers above? Come by our booth and see how quickly you can deploy 500 servers (you will be amazed)!These are just a few of the very practical demonstrations the Server and Infrastructure System team at Dell EMC can show you at Dell Technologies World. We also have some big announcements planned – so don’t miss the keynote on day two (wink).Dell EMC is focused on delivering very practical solutions to some very complex problems. But we can have fun too – we have invited Chef Anton to help us explain our practical solutions in easy terms – and maybe teach you all a few tricks at the same time. Check out this imminently practical solution for winning at eight ball for example.See you in Las Vegas![1] Source: A commissioned study conducted by Forrester Consulting on behalf of Dell EMC, January 2018.[2] https://home.kpmg.com/content/dam/kpmg/xx/pdf/2017/05/cio-survey-2017-exec-summary-web.pdflast_img read more

New UN report airs concerns about human rights in Sri Lanka

first_imgGENEVA (AP) — The U.N. human rights office has published a report airing new concerns about Sri Lanka, calling for “international action” such as through targeted sanctions against alleged perpetrators of rights violations and floating the prospect of referring the situation to the International Criminal Court. The report points to “worrying trends” over the last year — more than a decade after the end of an armed conflict over more than a generation that left tens of thousands dead.last_img

French police face sanction for Macarena party amid virus

first_imgPARIS (AP) — Some two dozen French police officials are facing internal punishment for holding a party inside a police station where they were filmed dancing the Macarena and violating multiple virus protection rules. A police spokesperson said that those involved in the party in the Paris suburb of Aubervilliers were ordered to file reports on their actions and that “sanctions are planned.”  The video prompted criticism at a time when French police are out every night enforcing a 6 p.m.-6 a.m. virus curfew designed to slow new infections. French police are also under scrutiny for rights abuses during violent protests and identity checks.last_img

UN chief: UN will seek to unite world, reverse Myanmar coup

first_imgUNITED NATIONS (AP) — The U.N. chief is pledging that the United Nations will do everything it can to unite the international community and create conditions for the military coup in Myanmar to be reversed. Secretary-General Antonio Guterres told a news conference Friday it is absolutely essential to carry out the U.N. Security Council’s calls for a return to democracy, respect for the results of November elections, and release of all people detained by the military, which he says means the reversal of the coup. He says that requires all possible areas of pressure to make it happen. He says Christine Schraner Burgener, the U.N. special envoy for Myanmar, had a first contact Friday with the military since the coup and expressed the U.N.’s strong opposition to the takeover.last_img

Myanmar junta blocks internet access as coup protests expand

first_imgYANGON, Myanmar (AP) — Myanmar’s new military authorities appear to have cut most access to the internet as they face a rising tide of protest over their coup that toppled Aung San Suu Kyi’s elected government. A London-based service that tracks internet disruptions says a near-total internet shutdown is now in effect in Myanmar. The blackout is a stark reminder of the progress Myanmar is in danger of losing after Monday’s coup plunged the nation back under direct military rule after a nearly decade-long move toward greater openness and democracy. In one of the largest protests so far, about 1,000 people marched down a main street in Yangon, the country’s biggest city, and were met by more than 100 riot police. There was no violence reported.last_img