Future tanks to be camouflaged using Eink

first_imgIt seems like there is a military application for everything these days. That even goes for technology utilized in something as innocent as an e-reader. British-based BAE Systems is pursuing technology which would use E-ink to camoflauge tanks. E-ink is a form of electronics paper developed by the MIT Media Lab and is primarily used in e-readers because of its ultra-low power consumption and its initial limitation to only display graphics in greyscale. In November 2010, a third generation of E-ink called E-ink Triton was announced which would support color. That breakthrough is what now makes utilizing E-ink for camoflauge possible.While tanks are traditionally painted in some form of camoflauge, the technique has its limitations since it doesn’t conform to changing conditions and environments. BAE Systems believes it may be possible to utilize highly sophisticated electronic sensors on a tank’s hull to detect the countryside and project it back on E-ink panels. This would allow the tank to blend into its surroundings in the same way a chameleon does.The technology is being considered as part of Britain’s Future Protected Vehicle program which was first launched in February 2009. The program focuses on seven defense vehicles fitted with heavy artillery with some being manned and others being self-operated to put troops out of harms way. By 2013, E-ink technology is expected to be used in an “experimental operational capacity” while a prototype vehicle is expected to be ready in the next four years. Researchers hope the innovations can be used by British troops fighting in Southern Afghanistan.Read more at PCMag.com.last_img read more