The Pirate Bay sees traffic spike as blocking begins in the UK

first_imgThe UK High Court last week ruled that the nation’s largest ISPs would have to block subscribers from accessing the notorious BitTorrent tracker The Pirate Bay. This is part of an effort to reduce usage of the site to obtain copyrighted materials. But those pesky pirates, they never seem to do what you want them to. Following the ruling, traffic to The Pirate Bay has rocketed up 12 million hits past the all time daily record.The blocking regime is set to be undertaken by Sky, Everything Everywhere, TalkTalk, O2 and Virgin Media. Already, customers of Virgin are seeing the page blocked, but BT is still considering its legal options. Customers on these ISPs will have to find a way to circumvent the block, which a Pirate Bay insider calls “free advertising.” The pirates didn’t release total number of hits, though. We just know it beat the old (probably very high) record by 12 million.Because the block is going to be implemented over the coming weeks for most ISPs, and The Pirate Bay is seeing so much traffic, they are using the opportunity to educate their users. The people behind The Pirate Bay are of the opinion that any method of site blocking can be circumvented, and this one is no exception.The Pirate Bay blog already has a number of suggestions that moderately tech savvy people should be able to follow. The site links to legitimate services like OpenDNS, Tor, and various VPNs that can be used to get around ISP-level blocks. Typing in the IP address of the site should also work. The pirates seem sure that traffic to the site won’t be negatively affected.The British Phonographic Industry (BPI) pushed hard for the ban, and things are already looking grim. If the block goes into effect fully, and the determined pirates continue accessing the site, what course of action is left for the BPI? The longer these court cases go on, the more unsinkable The Pirate Bay looks. After a criminal conviction, raids, and blocking, it is still sailing along.via TorrentFreaklast_img read more