Rogers proposes telecommunications tower to expand coverage in Dawson Creek

first_imgThe company is proposing to build the facility near the northern edge of the property at 1100 Alaska Avenue, behind the former Movie Gallery building and near the rail line. In a proposal submitted to city council, Rogers states the location was chosen because it is technically suitable to expand its network, is in a non-residential area (the proposal states the closest residence is over 300 metres away), is in a location that minimizes visibility from homes, and that the structure itself will accommodate other telecommunications providers in the future.Telecommunications is a federally-regulated industry, and Rogers is required to seek approval for the facility from Industry Canada, which requires a 120-day consultation process that was initiated with the formal proposal being submitted to the municipality. The consultation process requires, among other things, for the proponent to notify and consult with the municipality and property owners within 120 metres (three times the height of the tower) of the proposed facility to address concerns such as why the use of an existing antenna system or structure is not possible, why an alternate site is not possible,  what steps will be taken to ensure the antenna system is not accessible to the general public, and what options are available to satisfy marking requirements to prevent aeronautical obstruction.Concerns that are not relevant under the consultation process include disputes with members of the public related to the proponent’s service that are unrelated to the antenna installations, and any potential effects that a proposed antenna system will have on property values or municipal taxes.- Advertisement -The City of Dawson Creek has no overriding jurisdiction over the proposed facility, though Industry Canada’s consultation policy requires the municipality’s “concurrence” with the tower proposal and requires Rogers to try to address reasonable and relevant concerns. City councillors did express concerns about the tower – namely the impacts to sightlines due to the downtown location, and what safety measures would be put in place to prevent public access to the facility – during discussion of the proposal on Monday, and made a motion to write a letter to the proponent to have those concerns addressed.Council also wanted to know if Rogers is contemplating a store front location in the future.last_img read more

Football fever raising temperature in Russia’s frozen Arctic

first_imgReindeer herders in the remote Yamalo-Nenets region of northern Russia. © AFP / Sergei GAPONYamalo-Nenets is one of Russia’s richest regions, an area larger than France, but is home to just half a million people who live the way their ancestors did for millenia.Most locals reap no benefits from the wealth of the oil and gas buried deep in the frozen tundra now driving Russia’s growth.A kid drinks the blood of a reindeer in the remote Yamalo-Nenets region of northern Russia . © AFP / Sergei GAPONThey lead a nomadic existence, their hands often covered in blood from the reindeer whose hides form their subsistence, and which dry on lines of string like wet laundry.Reindeer blood, warm and nourishing, is a staple of their diets and is gingerly gathered and drunk out of metal mugs.Children of reindeer herders play with a ball on the snow in the remote Yamalo-Nenets region of northern Russia. © AFP / Sergei GAPONAnd its deep red colour is also the colour of the rubber ball kids kick with abandon across the snow in their woolly deer hide boots and mittens, bright traditional dresses worn over the top of deer hide body suits.A yellow belt speckled with other bright colours completes the outfit as the children aim the ball for a stick embedded in the snow, a form of football played according to their own fashion.The snow will remain hard and deep by the time the World Cup is played for the first time in Russia between June 14 and July 15.A reindeer herder chops wood near a yurt in the remote Yamalo-Nenets region of northern Russia. © AFP / Sergei GAPONBut the reindeer herders of one of the world’s most remote inhabited regions beyond the reach of television signals will be following it as best they can — by word of mouth reports from places with electricity lines.0Shares0000(Visited 1 times, 1 visits today) 0Shares0000A reindeer herder wearing a cap with the logo of Barcelona’s football team poses in the remote Yamalo-Nenets region of northern Russia. © AFP / Sergei GAPONYAMALO-NENETS, Russian Federation, Jun 4 – The cap’s unmistakable Barcelona logo peeks out from under the reindeer herder’s woolly hood.His smiling eyes tell the story: World Cup football is coming to the yurts set up in the permafrost high above Russia’s Arctic Circle, where temperatures dip into uncharted territories.last_img read more