Fivestar Fight League Fighter of the Week: Mike Friesen

first_imgEven though the fight on April 25th will be the first of his career, Friesen isn’t shy about his expectations of himself in the contest.“Winning. That’s hands down what I’m going in there for. I’m not stepping into the cage to get my butt kicked by anybody. I’m stepping in there to lay a whooping on somebody else and come out there with my hand raised.”Friesen will be squaring off against Jacob Moore who will also be making his debut in the sport.As for the event itself, tickets have been selling quickly and many of the tables for the event are already spoken for. Tickets are available at Fivestar Athletics, Hi-Performance Motor Sports, Marc Joseph and Trends Clothing, The Barber Shop, and MC Rehabilitation and Wellness. Those interesting in VIP dinner tables can also send an email to [email protected] or call 250-785-2736. Advertisement Friesen says a recent urge to get back into competitive sports brought him to mixed martial arts and he looks forward to stepping into the cage for the first time.“I’ve been doing MMA on and off for a little while. Come fall time I really started wanting to get back into competing in a sport. I liked the idea of MMA so I started training in jiu jitsu first and then migrated over and did some kickboxing classes,” he explains. “It’s my first time stepping into the cage and I’m not really nervous or anxious yet. Everyone says I will be but I really just like the fact of competing. I don’t care if it’s in a cage, in a ring, or on a football field. I love competing. I love that pressure on me to compete.”There are many competitive sports that would be less physically demanding that Friesen could have picked. He says however, that he’s always been drawn to the contact sports, so MMA is not something he is afraid to try out.- Advertisement -“I’ve always like the contact sports. I played football leading up to high school. I never really wanted to be a competitive hockey player. I know hockey is huge in this city but it just wasn’t my sport. Fivestar was a great option to be able to compete at a high enough level.” He says that his choice to step into the cage has made some people wonder why he chose MMA, but they have been supportive and are eager to see how he fares in his first bout.“I grew in this town so a lot of people know me and my family. I’ve had a lot of feedback that’s not negative, but ‘why are you doing this?’”, Friesen says. “A lot of people are really pumped to see what I can produce. A lot of people say I’m not mean enough to fight and all that stuff, but you don’t have to be mean to fight. I don’t view myself as a fighter. I view myself as a competitor in a combat sport.”Advertisement Dinner tables seat eight people and run at $1,400 which is $175 per person. First row seats are $100, second row is $90, third row seats go for $80, and general admission seats are $65.Leading up to Homecoming on April 25th, will be featuring one local fighter scheduled to appear on the card.last_img read more