Bosma Day 17

*In the video we say the date September 7th, just hours after Tim Bosma was last seen.  It should be May 7th.* A Hamilton jury today saw a series of photographs of one of the accused who was followed by police for several days before he was arrested.Mark Smich was arrested on May 22, 2013, almost two weeks after Tim Bosma disappeared after taking two men on a test drive. Smich’s then-friend Dellen Millard had been arrested 12 days before in connection with Bosma’s disappearance.Police followed Smich as he skateboarded around the Kerr and Speers area of Oakville frequently with his girlfriend Marlena Meneses, who is expected to testify later in this trial. Police picked up a cigarette butt Smich dropped to use for DNA comparison.After his arrest, police searched Smich’s mother’s Oakville home on Montrose Abbey drive. One room was described by the officer on the stand as a “pig pen,” and in that way at odds with the rest of the house. The jury saw a photograph of a table in the room covered debris including candy, paraphenalia typically used to smoke marijuana, Mark Smich’s health card and an ipad which opened without password to show messages sent the morning of May 7th, just hours after Tim Bosma was last seen.The judge said he’d decide in the morning when he looks out his window whether court will take a snow day tomorrow, but we started to hear evidence from a video analyst today who spent two and a half months going through electronics seized during this investigation. That’s the evidence that we will hear when court resumes. read more