Iberian develops new envirofriendly alternative to cyanide

first_imgIberian Minerals Ltd has filed a patent with the US Patent and Trademark Office (USPTO) for its HM X-leach, a proprietary, environmentally-friendly, non-cyanide based leach formula for the extraction of precious metals from ores, concentrates, tailings and electronic waste (e-Waste). A new 100% owned subsidiary, HMX Solutions Ltd has been created to pursue commercial opportunities for this product.For the previous 12 months, the technical team has been developing and testing the unique HM X-leach formula on a number of different ores, concentrates and tailings. Recently, Iberian engaged the services of Met-Solve Laboratories to oversee the development and testing of the formula. The sustainability of the gold industry is being challenged by reduced grades, more complex ores and increasingly stringent environmental conditions. Within industry both the use and disposal of cyanide present significant safety and environmental challenges. Mineworx is helping the industry reduce the risks and environmental impact of current processing operations and developing alternative processes that use less-toxic alternatives to cyanide.The primary challenge in devising a suitable substitute for cyanide in gold processing, lies in developing an equally effective and degradable leach reagent, which is not a persistent environmental toxin. As gold cyanidation rates are relatively slow, the industry has been searching for faster gold leaching reactions capable of facilitating high metal recovery rates. Alternative lixiviants or leaching agents should also be inexpensive and recyclable, selective, non-toxic and compatible with downstream recovery processes. There is an increasing interest in finding new alternatives or improving previously tried processes. Numerous other chemicals have been tested to leach gold, and they include thiosulfate, thiocyanate, ammonia, bromine, chlorine, bisulfides, and thiourea but no one has come up with a more cost effective and productive method than leaching with cyanide until now.The HM X-leach has been developed to be a non-toxic, economical and effective alternative to cyanide leaching. Independent testing has proven that the HM X-leach non-cyanide based formulas and processes when compared to cyanide formulas typically show recoveries comparable to or better than cyanide. Duane Nelson, President of Mineworx, states; “We are very excited with the results of the HM X-leach formula. It has been proven by independent analysis to be non-toxic and faster than typical cyanide solutions on a number of different ores, concentrates and tailings. The HM X-leach is safer to use, offers faster dissolution rates and offers much broader operational parameters. Offering a cost effective alternative to cyanide world-wide with the non-toxic HM X-leach formula will help to reduce the risks and environmental impact of mineral processing and may open up opportunities in areas where the use of cyanide is banned including several European countries, South American countries and some American states. We will continue testing the formula on a broad selection of ores, concentrates and tailings and report the results over the next few months.” Ish Grewal, President of Met-Solve Laboratories, states; ”I have had the opportunity to test, review and analyse numerous lixiviants for gold which are available for the mining industry. Having spent extensive time studying the results of the HM X-leach, we are very impressed with this system. We are delighted to be working with the Iberian/Mineworx team to advance this exciting non-toxic technology.”Mineworx is an innovative heavy mineral development and processing company focused on increasing value within the mining sector with its patent pending, environmentally friendly, portable, heavy mineral extraction technologies: HM X-tract, HM X-mill and HM X-leach.Mineworx’s business model is to seek out advanced stage mineral deposits on which to employ its portable processing technologies and partner with the existing owners/operators by advancing these deposits in an accelerated manner attaining profitable production in a timely, cost effective and environmentally friendly manner. The unique, integrated and portable processes and technologies lower economic risk and reduce environmental impact.Iberian Minerals is a Canadian junior mining company positioned for growth through the partnership of advanced cash flow mining opportunities using the Mineworx environmentally friendly toll processing technologies. The picture shows a Mineworx HM X-tract 200 t/d plantlast_img read more