Minister Tables Frenchlanguage Services Progress Report

first_img Strengthening policy, regulations and administration to better support the French-language Services Act. Consulting with the Acadian and francophone community. Communicating, sharing information and promoting services available in French. Supporting French-language services development, planning and delivery in priority areas. “I believe that the internal framework and the expertise and dedication of public servants and their designated pubic institutions have helped government increase its capacity to develop and deliver services in French,” said Mr. Steele. “As we near the fifth anniversary of the adoption of the French-language Services Act, I am confident that government will continue to offer high-quality services in French.” Designated public institutions are those listed in the French-language Services Act regulations that have an obligation to provide services in French. French and English copies of the progress report are available on-line at . Government continues to increase services available in French for Nova Scotians says a progress report tabled by Acadian Affairs Minister Graham Steele today, Oct. 14. The bilingual French-language Services Progress Report 2009 describes work performed by designated public institutions to provide French-language services to the Acadian and francophone community in Nova Scotia, during the 2008-09 fiscal year. “I am honoured to present the range of services that is now available in French,” said Mr. Steele. “From the new bilingual Canada-Nova Scotia Business Service Centre in southwestern Nova Scotia to the expanded road conditions information system that provides updates on road construction work in French, Acadians and francophones have access to more government services in their maternal language.” Information for the report was collected from 38 designated public institutions’ French-language services plans. Acadian Affairs compiled and summarized the information. The report measures achievements in four objectives:last_img read more