Walker Complex will be more accessible with federal funding

Rick Dykstra makes an accessibility announcement at the Walker Complex.The Walker Complex will soon be more accessible for people with disabilities thanks to funding from the federal Enabling Accessibility Fund.Rick Dykstra, St. Catharines MP, announced more than $104,000 for two accessibility projects in the Walker Complex this morning.“Our government recognizes the abilities of all Canadians and celebrates the progress we have made as a society towards the full inclusion of people with disabilities,” Dykstra said. “Through the Enabling Accessibility Fund, we are helping Canadians participate fully in their communities by improving access to facilities, activities and services.”The funding will further enable Brock to provide accessible facilities and services for everyone, President Jack Lightstone said.“Brock is a place where people care about people. We’re a diverse and inclusive community and are committed to making our University a preferred place for all to study, work and visit,” he said.“This is a collaborative community-based initiative, which involves key partners both internally at Brock and externally here in Niagara,” said Margaret Sanderson, co-ordinator, University Accessibility. “By working together, we’ve all been able to improve accessibility at Brock for students, visitors and members of our community.”The Government of Canada is providing $14.2 million for 297 projects across Canada that will improve accessibility through activities such as the renovation, construction and retrofitting of buildings, the modification of vehicles for community use, and enhancements to information and communication technologies.From left: Brock board chair Rudi Kroeker, Jack Lightstone, Margaret Sanderson, Rick Dykstra and Steven Pillar, Vice-President Finance and Administration read more