Seasonal interactions in the black-legged kittiwake, Rissa tridactyla: links between breeding performance and winter distribution

first_imgRelationships between events in one period of the annual cycle and behaviour in subsequent seasons are key determinants of individual life histories and population dynamics. However, studying such associations is challenging, given the difficulties in following individuals across seasons, particularly in migratory species. Relationships between breeding performance and subsequent winter ecology are particularly poorly understood, yet are likely to be profoundly important because of the costs of reproduction. Using geolocation technology, we show that black-legged kittiwakes that experienced breeding failure left their colony in southeast Scotland earlier than successful breeders. Moreover, a greater proportion of unsuccessful breeders (94% versus 53% successful) travelled over 3000 km to the West Atlantic, whereas fewer visited the East Atlantic (31% versus 80% successful), less than 1000 km from the colony. The two groups did not differ in the timing of return to the colony the following spring. However, 58 per cent of males made a previously undescribed long-distance pre-breeding movement to the central Atlantic. Our results demonstrate important links between reproductive performance and winter distribution, with significant implications for population dynamics. Furthermore, macro-scale segregation associated with breeding outcome is relevant to defining important wintering areas, in particular among declining species experiencing increasingly regular breeding failure.last_img read more

Katelyn Ohashi teams up with gym to help gymnasts work out at home

first_img Written by FacebookTwitterLinkedInEmailABC News(NEW YORK) — While many fitness centers have closed their doors amid the coronavirus pandemic, one gym in the New York City borough of Brooklyn is taking to social media to keep many of their members active at home.When Gotham Gymnastics, a facility for aspiring young gymnasts, was forced to temporarily close due to government mandates, its CEO and co-founder Daniel Miranda as well as team director and co-founder Ana Nunes came up with the idea to take their workout sessions to Instagram. “We did this for our girls first,” Miranda told ABC News in an interview on Good Morning America.“We realized with all the posts out there,” he continued, “all the girls sharing comments of ideas about what to do, we came across the idea of getting other girls from other gyms to join too. And this thing just grew in two days, it was an incredible response.”Last week, the two coaches launched #Quaranteams, which they’re calling the largest gymnastics web camp in the world to keep athletes motivated.It was also their way of responding to the many events and meets that were cancelled amid the pandemic which gymnasts had worked hard preparing for.“When we saw the championships being cancelled, we thought, oh my gosh, these girls worked really hard to be able to go to the championships, and some of them have senior years, some of them are preparing for the Olympics,” Miranda said.For six days each week, Gotham Gymnastics has scheduled workouts on Instagram live with coaches and professionals who help bring lessons to gymnasts at home. Not only has it sparked interest among gymnasts in Brooklyn, but elsewhere around the world too.One of the professional gymnasts they asked to join this week’s workouts is star gymnast, Katelyn Ohashi, who last year scored perfect 10s for her energetic, viral floor routine while competing for the University of California, Los Angeles.“To know that these coaches at Gotham are extremely invested in their gymnasts and support them throughout this pandemic is incredible and super cool to see,” Ohashi told GMA. “The creativity behind it and to know that they’re working on so many different ways to stay involved and to encourage everyone — and it’s not just about their gymnasts, it’s also about the world, so that’s even cooler.”“There’s just kind of a lot of stuff happening within our world, so we are just trying to be as positive as possible through these times and teach them [gymnasts] as much insight as we can on what to do during our days locked inside the house in quarantine,” she added.Ohashi’s workout session, which took place Thursday on Instagram, included a variety of lower body workouts and stretches.On Sunday, Ohashi, Miranda and UCLA head coach and fellow Gotham Advisory Board Member Valorie “Miss Val” Kondos Field took part in a Q&A that was live streamed on Instagram, where they offered tips for gymnasts on how to stay motivated while self-isolating at home.“Right now, while it’s a stressful time — I feel it myself — we can look at the positive,” Miss Val told GMA, regarding working out at home. “You [young athletes] have a time right now to really work on your strengths, but also your weaknesses.”Ohashi also shared that even though it is important to stay active, she also advised that this is a time that many should use to rest. During her Q&A on Sunday, she spoke about the importance of the Sabbath and taking the time to reflect.“Sabbath rest is extremely important just because, it is OK to let down during this time and have a little bit of relaxation and self-reflection and do things that you don’t always get to prioritize,” she said. “Really focusing on what you enjoy outside of the sport right now and the things that you can do at home and getting creative and doing certain things — I just think can help set them up for the future even more so.”While Gotham Gymnastics is one of many gyms across the country who have been hit hard by the ongoing pandemic of the novel coronavirus, Miranda has made it a point to focus on the positive during this time and he hopes athletes will do the same.“It’s a big hit for not just athletes, but you know for the economy and everything else,” Miranda said. “But the message is, you’re not alone. We’re together — we’re together in this … instead of the internet being a vehicle of posting hate, we should be using it to bring people together in this moment.”“This is going to pass,” he added.You can check out Gotham Gymnastics’ #Quaranteams schedule for the week on their website here.Copyright © 2020, ABC Audio. All rights reserved. March 27, 2020 /Sports News – National Katelyn Ohashi teams up with gym to help gymnasts work out at homecenter_img Beau Lundlast_img read more

Owlet woos bakery firms with juices

first_imgOwlet Juices has just launched a new “bag in a box” of juice, which the company claims is suitable for bakery retailers. The juice, which has a 12-month shelf life, comes in a 10-litre pack size with a recyclable cardboard box and there is no glass packaging to recycle.The juices contain no sugar, artificial sweeteners, colours or preservatives. The range includes single-variety apple juices, blends of apple varieties, pear juice and apple & berry blends.Owlet Juices are also available in a one-litre range packed in cases of 12, a 25cl range packed in cases of 24, as well as a five-litre catering pack.The company, based in Lamberhurst, Kent, supplies the Houses of Parliament and is a previous gold medal winner at the Great Taste Awards.[]last_img read more

Grad Council opens floor to global leaders

first_imgWhen writer Antwan Steele arrived on campus as a speaker for the Leadership Conference of the Harvard Graduate Council (HGC), he admits he felt both pride and intimidation.“I’ll be honest: Initially, I was intimidated when I was first asked to speak at Harvard Graduate Council’s Leadership Conference,” said the author of “Single to Single.”The eighth annual conference brought together leaders in social development, business, finance, and entertainment to discuss key attributes that lead to success.Steele’s message focused on leadership from a foundational level. His message resonated with the audience loud and clear because of his emphasis on “doing what you love.”“Doing what you love will afford authenticity and compel creativity,” he said. “Doing what you love will demand discipline and ignite influence. Doing what you love will produce passion and render responsibility. Doing what you love will support sacrifice and verify vision. When you do what you love, the most amazing things can and will happen.”The audience grew larger as students who had arrived in Cambridge for the Global Case Competition also attended the conference at Harvard’s Northwest Science Center.Peter Dyrud, president of HGC, opened the floor by telling the audience how amazing it was to see people from all over the world present under one roof, sharing a common vision of success and what it takes to achieve it.Bruno Sergi, an associate of Harvard’s Davis Center for Russian and Eurasian Studies, emphasized the importance of creating a global platform to link entrepreneurs from all over the world.Pavel Krapivin, a graduate of Harvard Business School, talked about working as vice president of Warner Bros. Entertainment and shared a story about being fired from his first job on the second day. He likened his corporate success to overcoming his fear of sharks. Now, he is the founder and CEO of VelvetJobs, a career matchmaking service that is currently used by more than 15 million people. He said it was featured in Forbes magazine as one of the key companies leading the transformation of the $5 billion career transition market.The panel also included Abigail Ogilvy, who owns an art gallery in Boston’s SoWa art and design district. She said, “It is important to chase your passion, and do what you love. It isn’t work if we are doing what we enjoy.”Steele, whose “Single to Single” focuses on maximizing our time during our “singleness,” talked about the importance of forming lifelong relationships. One of his initiatives is a successful summer cookout. The event brings together thousands of people and spreads awareness of giving back to the community.Among the other speakers were: Dolly Amaya, a former student of Harvard Extension School who now runs a financial group providing advice and assistance to individuals; Russian editor Pavel Koshkin, who offered advice on spotting fake news; and physician Lisa Miller, who addressed the importance of the development of healthy habits.The evening also included Harold Kent Heredia, a former student of Harvard Extension School, now working for human social rights. As a former asylee, Heredia’s story laid a foundation for belief in endurance and overcoming the odds. He shared his experience and growth, while addressing some of the pertinent and prominent issues facing the world.last_img read more

Jamaica enacts new security policy

first_img KINGSTON, Jamaica – Jamaica is putting in place a new security policy in which the security forces will focus on containing 42 active gang conflicts, officials said. In a joint news conference, National Security Minister Peter Bunting and Police Commissioner Owen Ellington said the new approach will allow security forces to battle crime more effectively, as gang violence drives the homicide rate higher in this Caribbean nation of 2.7 million. Ellington said police have reported some 165 killings so far this year, compared to 135 slayings during the corresponding period in 2011. Bunting said a major goal is to target gang kingpins and facilitators for organized criminal networks, not the people lower down the chain. “We don’t always want to be chasing out the symptoms,” he said. “We want to get to the infection.” [The Associated Press, 21/02/2012; (Jamaica), 22/02/2012] By Dialogo February 22, 2012last_img read more

Rocky Point Teen Killed in Car Crash

first_imgSign up for our COVID-19 newsletter to stay up-to-date on the latest coronavirus news throughout New York An 18-year-old Rocky Point man was killed when the teenager driving the car he was riding in crashed in Central Islip early Thursday morning.Suffolk County police said Ulices Canessa Villatoro, 19, of Islip Terrace, was driving a 2005 Acura TL southbound on Lowell Avenue when he lost control of the car and hit several trees on the side of the road at 12:02 a.m.One of three passengers, Andrew O’Connor, who was sitting in the back seat, was taken to Southside Hospital in Bay Shore, where he died of his injuries.Canessa Villatoro and 17-year-old George Shody of Islip Terrace, who was sitting in the back seat next to O’Conner, were taken to the same hospital for non-life threatening injuries.The front-seat passenger, 18-year-old Joel Fernandez of Islip Terrace, was  not injured.Third Squad detectives impounded the vehicle, are continuing the investigation and ask anyone with information on the crash to contact them at 631-854-8352 or Crime Stoppers at 1-800-220-TIPS.last_img read more

Marketing strategies for your credit union’s 2019 roadmap

first_img continue reading » ShareShareSharePrintMailGooglePinterestDiggRedditStumbleuponDeliciousBufferTumblr Many credit unions have the best of intentions to create and launch amazing marketing campaigns, but when things get busy throughout the year, marketing is oftentimes the first thing to fade into the background. Now that 2019 is almost here, it’s time to start planning for next year’s marketing initiatives. If your credit union finds that marketing gets pushed off to the side each year, it may be more effective to commit to a few key elements rather than creating an exhaustive plan that will be difficult to manage. Here are 3 key items that will give your credit union the most bang for its buck next year.Improve Digital Advertising and FintechPaid ads are one thing that credit unions have been slow to embrace. Last year just 27% of credit unions claimed that digital marketing was a key part of their strategy, compared with 63% of larger financial institutions. The hesitation to invest in digital advertising is partially due to the uncertainty of its value and return on investment, although, the recent analytics don’t lie. This year, credit unions are expected to increase their marketing budget for digital advertising to better align and compete with the rest of the industry. Now, with targeted advertising and filters that allow credit unions to narrow their scope and better reach their audience, it’s no surprise that they are increasing their spend in areas such as Google Ads, Facebook ads, and more.last_img read more

‘This is a national crisis’

first_imgWhen NCUA eventually sells its portfolio of medallion loans, will the medallion crisis facing credit unions be over?Sources are split on that answer, with one expert saying the worst has passed but some CUs will still experience issues—even with performing medallion loans—in having to write down the value of that collateral.Another analyst, however, asserts the industry faces a big problem.As has reported, NCUA is looking to sell its portfolio of more than 3,500 medallion loans, including some from Chicago, valued at an estimated $1.5 billion. NCUA came to own the medallions following the liquidation of a half-dozen taxi medallion-lending credit unions that failed at a cost of nearly three-quarters-of-a-billion-dollars to the National Credit Union Share Insurance Fund. ShareShareSharePrintMailGooglePinterestDiggRedditStumbleuponDeliciousBufferTumblr continue reading »last_img read more

ESG roundup: BlackRock flags expectations ‘refresh’ on social issues

first_imgAlthough the report touched on BlackRock’s thinking about social factors, it focussed on the investment stewardship team’s climate-related engagement and voting.It reported that in 2020, it took voting action against 22% of 244 companies that it identified as making insufficient progress integrating climate risk into their business models or disclosures, and put the remaining 191 companies on watch.Those that did not make significant progress risked voting against management next year from BlackRock, it said.The 244 companies are selected from a pool of companies in carbon-intensive sectors with significant combined market capitalisation and carbon dioxide emissions in their respective regions.Catherine Howarth, CEO of responsible investment campain group ShareAction, suggested that BlackRock putting 191 companies on watch was nothing to get excited about given that “in a range of cases this year, Blackrock rejected shareholder resolutions in order to vote with corporate management in opposing shareholder demands to tackle climate risk”.“The 191 ‘on watch’ companies have effectively been given a 12-month free pass during the most critical and narrow time window in history for mitigating climate risk,” she argued.Last month the manager of Norway’s sovereign wealth fund said that high-quality shareholder proposals had to be sifted from low-quality motions, which could be not relevant enough or too controlling.New centre to drive climate-aligned finance implementationRocky Mountain Institute (RMI), a clean energy non-profit organisation, has launched the Center for Climate-Aligned Finance in collaboration with Wells Fargo, Goldman Sachs, Bank of America and JPMorgan Chase.“Climate alignment is cementing itself as the gold standard for the financial sector, but we need to acknowledge the difficulty of putting the global economy on track to net zero on an urgent timeline”Paul Bodnar, chair of the new Center for Climate-Aligned FinanceThe aim is to work with the financial sector to develop solutions in partnership with corporates in carbon-intensive sectors to drive decarbonisation, as well as develop relevant metrics, tools and means for tracking progress toward the net-zero transition.“Climate alignment is cementing itself as the gold standard for the financial sector, but we need to acknowledge the difficulty of putting the global economy on track to net zero on an urgent timeline,” said Paul Bodnar, chair of the new hub and managing director at RMI. “The Center will shape how ambitious commitments can be effectively translated into lasting impact.”The centre is partnering with prominent non-profit organisations and platforms such as the Partnership for Carbon Accounting Financials, United Nations Environment Programme Finance Initiative, 2° Investing Initiative, and the Mission Possible Platform.SASB, GRI to collaborate for clarityThe Global Reporting Initiative and the Sustainability Accounting Standards Board have agreed a collaborative workplan to demonstrate how both sets of standards can be used together, and what the similarities and differences are in the information created from them.A spokeswoman for SASB explained that the collaboration also aimed to demonstrate how the two standards could set the basis for a globally accepted system for sustainability disclosure.“This new development fosters the complementary nature of SASB and GRI standards, and together we hope to help deliver the double materiality ambition of the EU’s Non-Financial Reporting Directive that is currently under review by the European Commission,” she added.Double materiality is a concept that considers environmental and social factors in terms of their potential impact on companies or investments but also companies’ or investments’ potential environmental or social impact.SASB’s industry-specific standards are more about the financial materiality perspective, while the GRI standards focus on environmental and social materiality – the economic, environmental and social impacts of a company and hence its contributions towards sustainable development.These impacts can become financially material over time.Looking for IPE’s latest magazine? Read the digital edition here. BlackRock has said it will be “refreshing [its] expectations for human capital management” in the second half of the year as it assesses the impact of companies’ response to the coronavirus pandemic and “associated issues” of racial equality.The asset manager also indicated it would be updating its expectations for how companies pursue business practices that support their licence to operate more broadly.“We will be increasingly disposed to vote against management as and when companies fail to appropriately balance the needs of stakeholders in the post-COVID-19 age,” it said. “We will also continue to emphasise the importance of racial, ethnic, and gender diversity in the board room.”BlackRock was commenting in the context of a report updating readers about its stewardship team’s approach to sustainability after the asset manager in January announced it was making sustainability central to its investment-related activity.last_img read more

Development set to enhance Coolum’s coastline

first_imgLatitude Coolum Beach offers three-bedroom, two bathroom apartments all with secure garaging on the ground floor.Just steps away from main beach and Coolum Esplanade, the development offers seven apartments, including one penthouse with views over the Pacific Ocean.More from newsParks and wildlife the new lust-haves post coronavirus15 hours agoNoosa’s best beachfront penthouse is about to hit the market15 hours ago MORE: Launching less than three weeks ago, new Sunshine Coast development Latitude Coolum Beach is making waves, with two of the seven luxury apartments being snapped up within five days of going to market.HMR projects director Ken Reed said he was thrilled with the strong interest in the property, which offers seven spacious apartments, including an expansive penthouse, just steps from Coolum’s main beach.“We were confident Latitude Coolum Beach would appeal to a wide variety of buyers and the first two selling within days of coming to market, proves boutique-style developments like this are in high demand,” Mr Reed said.“When we designed Latitude Coolum Beach we knew we had the opportunity to offer something exceptional thanks to the site’s outstanding position just steps from the beach, and our desire to build spacious, luxurious apartments with high-end finishes.” Latitude Coolum Beach residential apartment development is expected to bring a new level of luxury to the heart of the seaside township. >>FOLLOW THE COURIER-MAIL REAL ESTATE TEAM ON FACEBOOK<< RELATED: Construction starts in February with expected completion in September. Sun shines on coast’s property market The apartments are priced from $869,000.“This is our first development in Coolum for quite some time and we are excited to launch a quality product in the heart of a fantastic beachside locale.“Coolum is all about lifestyle and we feel confident Latitude will perfectly embrace and enhance all the beachside township has to offer.“The apartments will be spacious ranging from 177sq m to 247sq m and are designed for comfort and convenience with many taking in the spectacular views to the beach and rolling surf. Latitude Coolum Beach really epitomises what people love about the coast — both the locals and those looking to make a sea change.” Construction starts in February with expected completion in September 2019.North Shore Realty’s selling agent Ben Thomson said sales had been strong with a high number of Sunshine Coast owner-occupiers downsizing from large properties to well-appointed, low maintenance homes. Mr Reed said he was proud to release plans for the 809sq m lot and expected strong interest. QLD’s tops 2018’s best homes list “Our recent developments in Buderim, including Sage Landing and Elevate on Buderim, have shown positive demand for high quality new homes right in the centre of a vibrant and social precinct and Latitude Coolum Beach offers both an outstanding location and the premium finishes our buyers have become accustomed to,” Mr Reed said. The properties hotter than the heatwavelast_img read more